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Livin’ la Vida IVF

IVF Cupcake (when no ordinary cupcake will do…) Step one: Get a friend to bake you cupcakes. Eat two or three. Step two: Sit in bed, watching the Biggest Loser, cussing at psycho Tracey with her psycho eyes, and laugh … Continue reading

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*yawn* update

Just a quick update- I heard back from my clinic. My E2 numbers were low, low, low, which is not so great (like 77). But, they don’t seem to think this is a problem, so I guess I’m not going … Continue reading

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That was me, just then. I cannot stop yawning. I have been so incredibly tired. I could sleep all day, almost. I’m back from my early morning scan appointment, and it appears that things are pretty unremarkable. I had two … Continue reading

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mini-fret, stim version

Is this a side effect of stims, the lack of blogging? I don’t know. I guess for whatever reason, I needed to drop out of the online world for a few days there. Not that you were all sitting on … Continue reading

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hibbedy birteday

So I got a little jewelry tree for my birthday, not from H, but from the geese that live in the marsh at the end of our road. There’s a creek that empties into that marsh that runs along the … Continue reading

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Quickie update

Home from the aspiration… Other than some pretty intense “pressure”, the procedure was fine. They drained a substantial amount of fluid from this 3 cm cyst as I saw in the container they left out on the cart, into which … Continue reading

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So today’s the day of the big cyst aspiration. It’s really no big deal. At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself. I wrote a big long post yesterday about how the birthday suckiness continues (the only thing I asked … Continue reading

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