5 Minutes To Blog

Again, I contend that an IVF cycle should be counted as a full-time job. As soon as I landed on Wednesday, I called the pharmacy company, only to find that they had not put a rush-order on my drugs as I had requested (due to travel/Labor Day/etc., it was a tightly scheduled order). However, after sitting on the phone for ten minutes, I was told that it was just too damn bad, that I was just going to have to wait. So, I called back five minutes later and asked the person who answered whether or not I could pay out of pocket (since they told me that the hold up was with my insurance company) for the one drug that I needed in a hurry (the Lupron that I am supposed to start on Tuesday morning). And suddenly, since I said the magic “pay out of pocket” phrase, they had no problem whatsoever with the rush order, and then, mysteriously, also had no problem contacting my insurance company and getting immediate approval. Interesting.

So, the big fat box of drugs showed up yesterday while I was out shopping with my mom. Actually, I wasn’t just shopping. In the midst of running errands for the rehearsal dinner that my mom is hosting (mostly for the post-dinner dessert at my mom’s friend’s house, so things like glass dessert plates, tiny tart orders from the bakery, picking up truffles, etc.), I got a 90 minute massage. And a manicure. And a brow wax. Oh, and she spent a few hundred dollars on clothes for me to wear to the wedding and rehearsal dinner.

I’ll have to post pictures at some point, because I have no idea when I will ever wear these clothes again. I bought two sleeveless dresses because Austin sits just a few feet from the surface of the sun, and the wedding is outdoors next to a dry creek bed (well, it used to be a creek, but Texas is under severe drought right now.) at 5 p.m. So. I cannot imagine another scenario in which I will wear these dresses because Winston-Salem is, like, normal and stuff, and thus, there aren’t many dress occasions in which one needs to take extreme heat into account. But whatever. They are cute as all get out.

I don’t know if it’s some sort of bizarre guilt, but my mom decided that I needed to be taken care of. Of course, not a few hours later, when we were polishing off our second bottle of wine, my mom began to wax rhapsodic about what a “brat” I am, and how I fall into her category of “kids” she likes (this includes me, my brother, her dog and her cat) who have attitude problems. She proceeded to relay several stories of how I had been saucy with teachers in junior high school, and how this was indicative of my overall brattiness.


Anyhow, I am having a most fabulous time hanging out here in Austin. I am currently sitting at my favorite coffee house on a borrowed laptop, but shortly, I will leave to go over to my junior high best friend’s house, where I will meet with my other jr. high best friend also. I am so very excited.

So, just because you’ve all been patient, here are some pictures to entertain you:

Stripe Clouds
Crazy stripey clouds out the window of the plane

Happy Moose
Happy Dog

Pretty Kitty
Sweet Kitty

Licky Moose
Licky Dog

Sweet Helen
Sleepy Kitty

I have pictures of drugs, but I forgot to load them, and now I have to go…

So. If I get a moment in the next few days, I’ll try to post again, but if not, I’ll catch you next week!

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7 Responses to 5 Minutes To Blog

  1. Awesome licky dog photo, Kate! Yay for the drugs arrival, and also for your splendid sounding day yesterday – massage, manicure, wine, shopping…mmm.Hope you have a grand time at the wedding and all goes splendidly with the photographing and family dynamics. Sending love to you on the surface of the sun.

  2. Photogrl says:

    As always, I'm behind and finally just caught up with your last 4 posts. Yay for everything being a go for the cycle. Lupron on the 8th! Your protocol sounds very similar to what mine will be. I'm hoping to start Lupron the 3rd week of September.Double yay for a day of relaxation and girlie stuff! Enjoy Austin, and the wedding!

  3. luxzia says:

    yay for the drug arrival… yay for the massage.Yes, I always forget about Austin's heat and then I visit. I forget that places have normal climates. Although Portland's is a little more normal than San Francisco's, as in it actually gets above 90 degrees and has occasional ice storms.I'll probably start shopping for tickets in earnest after I figure out job and money stuff when I get home. What is a good time for me to visit?

  4. Is sleepy kitty sleeping in dog spit? I'm so excited that you're starting IVF. (I know, you're less than excited, but I can't help myself.) I've also been meaning to write to you about my experience with donor sperm. Remember how I told you guys that, in the end, you'd find that using your own genetic stock just didn't matter that much? I want to update that comment: I can't think of anything mattering less. I mentioned it to J last night, because it was the first time I'd even thought about it in weeks! I always knew that it wouldn't matter in the LONG run, but I thought there would be some grieving over what was lost, some feelings of inequity over what we were getting, etc. But Kate, sweetie, it's just not there. All I can think of is that there are babies growing inside of me, and that they belong to no one but me and J! And that if they make it out alive we get to keep them! I'm really hoping (and think there is a good chance) that IVF will do the trick. ICSI is a beautiful thing. But I wanted to give you my DS update, because I've been thinking about you.Remember, you can always talk to me if the Lupron makes you crazy or depressed. That is, if I'm not on some hormonal rampage.

  5. Erin says:

    I'm impressed with your ability to blog so much in 5 minutes!Glad you were able to get your meds there right away and that your mom is being supportive (wine-induced rhapsodizing aside) of the IVF process. Hope the Lupron goes well!

  6. Melis.sa says:

    aw, i love the pictures!! :)ugh, don't get me started on pharmacies…I hope you have a fabulous trip!!

  7. jenn says:

    I'm so glad you got a nice relaxing day with your mom. You deserve some pampering. (& believe me- get it all in while you can because once you add mommy to your list of titles the pampering is few & far between… and yes- I said when/not if, I will hold on to a bunch of rainbows, puppies & kittens for you)

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