Heeeere, piggypiggy…

So, I just got a call from H. He had landed in Charlotte, ready to make his connection to Austin, and was calling as planned. However, fucking students are still fucking stupid, and thus, he had two more students who refused to stay home from school despite having flu symptoms. And after H had checked in for his Greensboro to Charlotte leg of the flight, while he was waiting, he began to feel a little tickle in his throat. By the time he landed in Charlotte and talked to me, he had a full-blown fever, sinuses full of snot, and was feeling miserable.

So, H is not joining me here in Austin. He is paying $160 to rent a car and drive from Charlotte back to Greensboro instead. He tried to get his ticket changed, to see if there were a way he could change the Monday ticket to today, but that would have cost over $500. To take a 90 mile flight. So, he’ll be driving instead.

He plans to go to the after hours clinic tomorrow morning to find out what he has, but at this point, we’re assuming that it’s H1N1. I guess it’s almost a good thing that he has it now, and will be non-contagious (hopefully) by the time I get back. It kind of insulates me, I guess, since he’ll be basically immune to it for the rest of this season and I don’t really go many places, being unemployed and all.

So. Stupid children passed the H1N1 (or some other disease, but probably H1N1) to my husband, and now he has to miss my brother’s wedding. Bullshit.


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7 Responses to Heeeere, piggypiggy…

  1. Oh, shit! That is just brutal – I'm sorry H is sick and sorry he has to miss the wedding and can't be with you. Although I'm glad he's not with you just now, cause the last thing I want is for you to get all be-swined. Hope he feels better very soon. And a pox on the idiots who are spreading it around.

  2. Sue says:

    So sorry for you both, but I hope this does help keep you well down the road.

  3. Melis.sa says:

    man alive, it's still irritating!!

  4. jenn says:

    Good lord- poor H!!! I hope that this means you are nice & cozily insulated & swine free!Stupic college kids…

  5. Christina says:

    People are so freaking stupid!! I had a girl come to my freaking shower with the flu, her sister is a confirmed case of H1N1. I'm taking Tamiflu now, hopefully H gets some and starts feeling better soon.

  6. Awwwwww, man that sucks. You are having a tough go at it–all at once! I bet you do miss your friend-she was once such a big part of your life. It's her loss. It really is. Though, I know it must suck for you. You know-when we started our IVF cycle-I found myself so sad and crying more than once. A couple of commenters told me that that's normal. It's like you finally have to admit that you are infertile. Which was funny for me-b/ci'd had 4 m/c's and 2 years of trying-but I don't know–there's something that's just so final about it. So, that might be a big part of your sadness too. I hope you are getting out enough? I mean, socializing with people? Trying to make new friends? It's so important. I wish I really could be your BFF. I wish for me-cause that'd be so cool. But then you'd benefit from having a little-bit cool friend.

  7. I do not want to worry you needlessly – but if H's fever was especially high or prolonged, you might want to have him to (another!) sperm analysis before you start stims. Sometimes fevers will wreck havoc on sperm production. That being said, I hope he feels better really soon! Does he teach at W. Forest? They were mentioned on NPR as having an H1N1 outbreak. It's one of my biggest anxieties right now, being a college student!

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