Wedded Bliss

The deed has been done. Golden Boy got hitched. The bride opted not to use her safe word and have me whisk her away from the swirling pool of insanity that is my family, and so she is now my sister-in-law. I just gave her the advice to keep him away from the Legos, because (at least when he was six or seven) he has deadly aim with a 2×3 block, and will use it if you try to take the t.v. remote away from him.

Did The Deed

I saw all the assembled family (and friends who were like family when I was growing up). Mom’s Cousin M is still a lecherous old fart. My Cousin K is still a bible thumper. Dad’s old teacher friends are still bossy. But surprisingly, in the bits and pieces of time afforded (courtesy of the camera duty), all of them were tolerable, even downright pleasant to see. I got to eat barbeque. And I danced to a song or two. But mostly, I hid behind my camera, which was great.

I am SO GLAD I had my friend, CC, with me to act as “assistant”. I handed her my second camera, and set her about to take pictures of anything I wasn’t shooting, and she got some great ones. She even came in handy as a sign language interpreter with a hearing-impaired guest (she’s a professional interpreter). Mostly, it was nice to have someone there to keep me sane, to remind me to drink a glass of wine, to chat with me, so I didn’t have to sit with any of the aforementioned characters, to make the whole thing not so on-the-spot weddingish.

I think being a stay-at-home wife has fed my latent reclusiveness. I can always turn on the social dial, and smile and chat, but it has gotten to where I find it to be incredibly exhausting. I really have had enough of talking to people. Well, that’s not true. Friends are the exception, of course. But even that is something that I’m just out of the habit of. I’m so excited to see these friends, and I have so much to say, and so much to ask and I’m just so wound up, because it’s so exciting, so much to squeeze in during such a short amount of time, that I end up tired from the sheer energy expended to feel that much enthusiasm.

The point is that I’m tired, but still sad that my vacation is coming to a close. I am looking forward to Wednesday, when H will be back at work, and I will be left to my own devices, puttering around the house, doing chores, watching stupid Martha Stewart, watering the plants, and plowing through the Google Reader. I am looking forward to being back with my loving husband who I am missing like crazy right now. But at the same time, I want to stay here forever, so I can be among my friends again.

Today, I get to see my friend, A (the one whose wedding I was in back in March). And then I get to see my Douchie friend (who is driving over from Houston), and I get to play bridge with CC and her M, and my Douchie. But first, I go to breakfast with my mom and cousin and aunt.

So. Busy, but exciting and fun day today, my last day in Austin. Can’t wait to get home but don’t wanna leave…


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6 Responses to Wedded Bliss

  1. Sue says:

    Sounds like a perfect visit. Wishing you a safe trip home, and good health to both you and H. upon your return.

  2. jenn says:

    I'm glad you had such a good time & a wonderful visit. I know you must be missing H like crazy- but I hope he is all flu free by the time you get back!I really enjoy being behind the camera for much the same reasons- While I can be quite the social butterfly, I have a tendency towards awkwardness, especially around a lot of new people. I'm terrible at networking but I love to hang out with friends. The camera is a great shield when you need it to be!

  3. says:

    I'm glad that you had someone to chat & drink with :)I hope the return trip goes by quickly and that H is feeling better when you see him 🙂

  4. strongblonde says:

    🙂 glad that things went off well. i know you were a little nervous about being "the" photographer for the wedding!! i'm sure the pics turned out great. i totally get you about the social interaction thing. i am fine with talking with friends….but anyone else? i really don't want to make small talk. i'd rather sit in the corner and just watch. how fun is it to people watch at an event like this?? you had the perfect excuse!!xoxo

  5. It's funny-any other time I would say "ahhh, they are in love…." But I honestly want to tell them that one of them may cheat, Isn't that AWFUL! Don't worry- I'm in counseling-I won't always be this sick. ANYWAY- I bet the pictures are great-that one is awesome-the SIL looks neat too-no barbie dolll. You would not gel well with a baribie doll type person. I bet there is a huge weight off of your shoulders! I know you were worried about taking the pics. I hope we get to see more very soon. Enjoy the rest of your stay. xoxo

  6. Alana says:

    It was so so SO SO SO good to see you, Kate! 🙂

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