Lupron Post, the second

Lupron day 2 and 3 (so far) have been far less eventful than day one. My back has been a bit achy, but then again, my back is often achy, so it may be coincidence. I’ve had the occasional hot flash, and the occasional slight teariness (I really am not this sappy. WTF…), but mostly, things are just fine. H went back to work this morning, and I think he is almost 100% recovered from the H1N1. (Did I actually ever say so? He never tested positive for it or any other flu, but he has the exact symptoms straight down the line, and responded to the, and there’s not much else it could be, especially seeing as he was directly exposed to it several times over, and got this illness in the appropriate incubation window after having been exposed. So, it’s possible he didn’t have H1N1, but if not, then they are totally baffled as to what disease he had that mimicked H1N1 AND responded to the Tam.iflu*) The point is, though, that H is beginning to be almost totally human. And I don’t seem to have caught it either (yet- please let it be never!).

So yesterday morning, I loaded the syringe and let H actually inject me (no problems there). This morning, he wanted to try doing the whole shebang, drawing up the injection and shooting me up. And DAMN, am I a control freak! It was really hard to let go and let him give it a try. This is partially because among his many talents, you don’t find fine motor skills. Actually, he’s a pretty good guitar player, but as an example of what I mean, he dials the telephone with his forefinger (just think about that…). Or if I say “hold your hand like this”, he cannot copy my hand gestures, even though he types pretty fast. So he was having a really hard time holding the needle plus Lu.pron upside down while drawing out exactly ten units. And when he actually injected me with the needle, it hurt like HELL. He barely pierced the skin and then was trying to push the plunger, and I had to grab his hand to stop him, and get him to push the needle all the way in, and meanwhile, it’s hurting like crazy (must’ve hit a nerve or something because the previous two didn’t even register), and I’m like ‘Hurry up!’ because it hurts, and oh. I think I made him feel bad, because I yelled ‘OUCH’ really loudly when he stuck the needle in. It was just clear that it hurt and that he caused the hurt and I think he felt bad because of that. I don’t know how I could have controlled my reaction any differently so as not to have caused that scenario. Oh, well. We try again tomorrow. If tomorrow is bad as well, I’ll try some ice to numb my skin. And if that doesn’t work, then I’ll probably insist on giving the injections myself.

I am SO not looking forward to the PIO shots. I really wonder if I can convince my RE to let me do suppositories instead. I don’t think I ever thought I’d type that last sentence, asking for drugs in the form of suppositories over any other. Then again, the option has never been viscous oil intramuscular injection versus suppository. Does anyone know if one is superior to the other? Are PIO shots more effective, or are they cheaper? Why do REs prescribe one over the other?

I’ve been sorting through the photos from the wedding and I am only feeling so-so about the photos. I actually really like the ones that were taken with my other camera, mostly by CC, but some by me, too. I was shooting with my portrait lens, because first, I was shooting people, and second, I was shooting indoors and my 50mm lens opens nice and wide (f/1.7), so I could shoot mostly without a flash. Of course, when you open that wide, there’s not much margin of error for focus (at f/1.7 you have a really shallow depth of field, which means the slice of space between you and the infinite distance that is in focus is very thin, if that makes any sense. It’s how people take pictures of flowers where a single petal is in focus and everything else is blurry.). So, several of my pictures were not fully focused, whereas the other camera, being more user friendly (and thus, with slightly fewer manipulatable variables to set), accurately focused almost every subject. Ah, well. I think I got some good ones anyway.

Self and Golden Boy (good GAWD, I need a little self-tanner…)

Bride and Mother

G.B. and Best Man (yes, if you want to be an immature little shit and try to turn your back on me while I’m taking your picture, I’ll just squat down and take the “straight up the nose” shot…)

Bride and Groom

Bridal bouquet

So. That was the wedding. I don’t think I’ll ever photograph another wedding, ever again. I know now why wedding photographers charge so much, because taking pictures for 4 straight hours is a PAIN. I mean, I may take photos at a friend’s wedding casually, but I have no interest in being an event photographer. It’s just not for me. I think it’s telling that my favorite shots of the evening were of the flowers and the cake decorations. I am clearly just not a people photographer. But whatever. It’s over and I think they got the shots they needed- candids of the guests, a bit of portraiture of the wedding party/parents and that’s all they really asked for. So, I hope they’ll be happy with what they got.

I am slowly making my way through my google reader, so if it takes me a while to get back in touch with you via comments on your own blog, it is not because I don’t like you or don’t value the advice and support that you give me. I’m just excessively lazy at this exact moment and am really taking my time getting back to my usual routine, but rest assured, I will make sure to get through the several hundred posts on my reader, hopefully by the end of the weekend.

Ah. So that’s my story. What’s yours?

*Which, incidentally, H calls “Tammy Flu”, instead of “tam-ih-flu”. Which, incidentally, I find far funnier than I should.

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5 Responses to Lupron Post, the second

  1. Sue says:

    The PIO shots aren't that bad, but if you're worried about H's dexterity, definitely ask your RE about the suppositories. My husband did a good job with the shots, but I did have some lingering pain after my last cycle. It was most noticeable when running on the treadmill, so I guess that's something to consider.

  2. Yay for less eventful. That is almost always good. Tammy-flu. Heh. You and I would look great in photos together, as neither of us would look more tanned than the other, so nobody would notice our blanched hides. One more reason we should meet up. And not wanting to be a total jerk, but what is up with your brother's hair? I have to confess I am sort of fascinated by it.

  3. Photogrl says:

    I apologize in advance, as I'm cathcing up on 4 of your posts at once.The wedding looked nice. And your pics look beautiful! I know what you mean about not wanting to be an event photographer…I'm sorry that Austin has changed for you and brought up hurtful, sad memories. It's hard to lose a friend, even if the relationship wasn't the healthiest.Yay for being 3 days into Lupron! SO exciting! I hope tomorrow's injection goes smoother.

  4. says:

    love it! i'm in the club of the very white skin too!i don't know why different Re's prescribe different progesterones…but i loved how you said you never thought you'd be asking for the suppositories.. 🙂

  5. jenn says:

    I'm hoping the rest of the shots aren't too bad. I know almost nothing about protocols & shot-giving, but I do remember hearing something about warming the PIO shots? (I always think of P.I.T.A. when I see that)I too like the photos, also wondering what's going on with Golden Boy's hair… And I will proudly join the oh so very pale we practically glow white girls club. Although I ~finally~ have just become slightly less pale than my infant daughter who I obsessively keep out of the sun. Woo-hoo!Here's hoping that the Tammy Flu knocked it out & you & H are both very healthy as you pump yourself with drugs! Hopefully pain & symptom-free.(word veri is rehymins. hahahaha)

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