Some Photos and More From The Lupron Front

Hrmph. That’s interesting. I weighed myself this morning, and I was back down to 201.5. So, I’m still above my usual weight, but by a reasonable enough amount that it could be chalked up to either typical pre-period bloat, OR CC’s Super Cheese-Yummy Chicken Stuffed Deep-Fried Dough Chunks (aka sopapillas). Yes, I think that’s what I’ll blame it on. It couldn’t have been the eighteen OTHER meals full of meat and cheese and fatty goodness. It must’ve been that EXACT meal that put me over the edge…

God, it was worth it.

I did call my nurse, just to confirm that this type of weight gain could be considered normal. She assured me that it WASN’T normal, but that it also probably wasn’t anything to be worried about, unless I started having difficulty breathing. And she assured me that it could not have anything at all to do with the Lupr.on. “Highly unlikely. I’ve never heard of that happening. You must’ve eaten something salty.” were her exact words. Yeah. I ate enough salt to bloat me with SEVEN POUNDS, nearly ONE FULL GALLON of water. Sure. And taking drugs that mess with hormones could have nothing to do with the bloating phenomenon, eh? Whatevs.

I’m just glad I have you people inside my computer to remind me that (1) I should put away the scale. (I won’t, of course, because that would be the sane thing to do, but being reminded that I should put it away makes me remember that this isn’t an everyday thing, that this isn’t my fault, etc.) and (2) that this is just part of the process. Reading that some of you have had similar reactions to the drugs I am taking really put my mind at ease. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So. I think I still owe you guys a few pics from Austin.

Heather and Alecia
These are my two lovely jr. high/high school best friends, H. and A.

Tres Amigos
And here we are together (forgive the blur. I am adamant about not using the flash, and G, H’s husband, had an adorable six month old Miss Piper on his lap, tugging at the camera strap. I think that’s as good a reason as any for a little blur!).

If any of you are in the Austin/Round Rock area and/or know someone in the Austin/Round Rock area, you should check out my friend, A’s, twice yearly consignment event, coming up next weekend. She started her own consignment business with a couple of partners, and she’s really turned this into a cool event. They’re called Fairytale Threads, and you can buy/sell pretty much anything you need for maternity, babies and kids. What an awesome concept!

After hanging with these two lovely people, I went to CC’s house, where she made me the Dish of Delicious Evilness…

The Crisco
The 6,000 calories of Crisco in which the sopapillas were fried.

CC pretending to eat a gob of Crisco… Yum!

Baby 'pillas
The finished tiny sopapillas, eaten with honey. Mmm.

Cheese Covered goodness
And the finished chicken stuffed, Hatch green chile sauce covered, goo-cheesy sopapillas. Spicy and ooey and gah. So. Good.

H’s friend, Ray, came to town, hoping to meet up with H, but unfortunately, H got sick and didn’t come, so he had to settle for lunch with me. I’m not sure what it is, but I find him to be incredibly attractive (ahem, in a completely neutral way, that is…). It’s probably that he’s just so damn charming and outgoing. But anyway, this is him. I had a delicious BBQ chicken sandwich with tater tots from Waterloo Ice House. But, I had to restrain myself from quoting the notorious LL Cool J and saying, “I’ll take YOU on a platter.” I’m blaming the “meee-yow!” attitude on the drugs…
Professor Gomez

And then, here is a picture from the walk-that-wasn’t this morning. Yesterday night after dinner, I asked H if he wanted to go for a walk with me. He declined but said that he’d go with me this morning. So, we went to one of our favorite places to walk, Reynolda Gardens. And as we were walking (I’m a fast walker), I got a bit ahead of him. And as I came to the gate for the garden, I turned, and H said, in the snidest voice possible, ‘What, are you trying to run away from me? Why are you walking so fast?’

And if you know the Lupr.on brain, then you know that you DO NOT POKE THE BEAR. Do not poke unless you are using a very long stick and you can run very fast, else the bear will grab you and RIP YOUR EMMER EFFING HEAD OFF.

So, I lit into him. And we walked a little further before I informed H that I was now in a supremely crappy mood and I wanted to go home. And when we got back to the car, I laid into him a bit more about how shitty that was, and how I wasn’t that far from him, and I also reminded him that he has the tendency to run far ahead of me when we run together, and that I feel a little miffed, but I always give him free reign to run as fast as he wants because trying to mess with your pace is nigh on impossible.

We talked in the car on the way home, and decided we would go for a walk somewhere else, but we couldn’t decide on where, so instead we went outside to play frisbee for an hour or so. And by the time we finished that, the storm had passed, and all was pleasant and the bear had retreated into the cave. I apologized for snapping, but I still contend that I deserve an apology for being sniped at when I wasn’t doing anything wrong. But whatever.

So, here’s a photo. Gorgeous day. Too bad the minor head explosion prevented us from going any further and shooting more photos.
Reynolda, September
(Bucolic winding path paid for through the generosity of tobacco baron R.J. Reynolds.)

Lastly, here is a photo of me accepting my award for World’s Dorkiest Girl:
Beauty Queen
Alternately, this is also the picture of me leaving the store carrying the seven bundles of flowers we used to decorate the tables at the rehearsal dinner. I never miss a chance to ham it up. ‘What good is life if you’re not having any fun?’, right?

So tell me. What’s the most embarrassingly hormonal thing you’ve ever done or said, drug-induced or not?

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12 Responses to Some Photos and More From The Lupron Front

  1. MsPrufrock says:

    I can't recall being particularly crazy, but I was insanely emotional at the drop of a hat. I was on the phone with The Dude on day while at work, and whatever he said sent me into a tearful frenzy. I couldn't stop sobbing, which freaked out my co-workers because up to that point I never shed a tear at work. They were delightfully British about it too; they didn't ask about it after my outburst finished thank GOD. How embarrassing.

  2. says:

    yeah i was bloated to the max on follis.tim and i weighed myself daily to remind myself that if i gained it was b/c of the meds. when the papa john's pizza incident occured i blamed part of the weight gain on that. ;)bah, i can't recall anything in particular that i've done in my hormone induced state, but i was really angry this last round…gah! :)omg, that food looks SO GOOD!

  3. Sue says:

    The drugs didn't make me all hormonal. They just made me sleepy and forgetful. I had a haircut scheduled during one cycle and I kept forgetting it again and again. I think they had to reschedule me three or four times before I finally was able to remember the appointment.

  4. jenn says:

    I am notorious in my house for the emotional & irrational hormonally induced outbursts. I can't remember one in particular, but I'm sure the hub probably can!

  5. Tracy says:

    Lupron made me a complete and utter bitch. The nurse at my RE's office told me that the meds shouldn't have caused my weight gain, but my OBGYN told me the EXACT OPPOSITE. I choose to believe the latter because my diet and exercise routine was largely unchanged. Sigh.

  6. luxzia says:

    I have fortunately never been on hormonal drugs of any kind, even birth control – I'm a big enough pain just with normal menstrual cycles alone (things come out of my mouth along the lines of ripping scrotums apart and syphilitic monkeys and douche-nozzy white people who go to burning man… )And, yes, Ray is very attractive. I guess I should be glad he was never my German teacher for me to make goo-goo eyes at (I only got the really dorky looking alcoholic ones in the German department, so no need to be attracted to my instructors…)Good luck with everything, sweetie. As you were one of my biggest cheerleaders in that ill-fated trip to Africa, I remain a steadfast supporter of your efforts and a believer that it will all turn out well.

  7. Photogrl says:

    A definite memory is escaping me right now, but with Clomid…or Clo-MOOD, as I called it, I found myself snapping at everyone.OMG, that food looked amazing! Yum!

  8. PiquantMolly says:

    I remember on the day of my HSG a coworker at Barnes & Noble told me I had the "personality of a wet blanket." I immediately started weeping and informed him that he was a horrible, evil person. I'd say he deserved it.

  9. strongblonde says:

    i don't remember being crazy on lupron, but then again…i'm in total denial about just about everything right now!!and mmmmmm sopapillas. i want some. i miss those!!xoxo

  10. I have just regular old, middle aged crazy going on but it did involve a verbal tangle with the worlds biggest idiot at Home Depot who assumed that I was married to some guy who was looking for the exact same tool I asked for.How freakin idiotic is that?

  11. Well, I am glad that you aren't as worried about weight. I've found that most RE nurses don't know what they are talking about. And a lot of the doctors. So, you are probably right. I love the pics. I wonder if we could be BFF in real life-bc i am very hammy and i don't know if I could be mature about sharing the stage? : )

  12. CC says:

    Oh sure… Blame the 800 gallons of Crisco and the 500 pounds of cheese on your weight gain…Oh wait, there is logic there :)I still have about 15 little mini sopapillas in the freezer. Yum

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