Life Alongside Infertility

I wish I had something exciting to talk about, but a side effect of being a stay at home wife is that other than keeping up the household (running errands, chores, phone calls, setting appointments, ahem, blogging), there’s not much of remark that goes on from day to day. Wake up, get H to shoot me up with Lupron, have a hot flash or two, read email, eat breakfast/drink coffee, do dishes (if any), assess/complete daily household projects (if any), watch a few bad daytime tv shows, crash-nap when I cannot manage to stay awake any longer (thanks, Lupron!), plan dinner, shop for dinner, cook dinner, etc. On and on it goes, with not much change in the daily routine*.

I had to stop myself from writing about it in detail yesterday, because HEY! I left the house! I ran a personal “errand”! And it was thrilling! Isn’t that awesome? Um, actually not. I went to the dermatologist to finally have a cyst removed that had been plaguing me for the last couple of years. They let me see it afterwards, and it was gross. I wanted to tell you in detail about how gross it was, because that was so exciting to me, and that’s when I realized that my life has become pretty bland if I get wound up about describing to my readers the consistency of a giant cyst removed from my neck. As you can see, I didn’t describe it here though. You’re welcome. Of course, the best part is that a week from today, I get to go and take time out of my busy (birth)day and get my stitches taken out… yay.
Anyhow, I’m a bit concerned because the period still hasn’t shown up. I’ve been having cramps for the last few days, the kind that usually hearken it’s glorious arrival, but nothing. I suppose I can just discuss it with Nurse That’s-Not-A-Side-Effect tomorrow morning. Alternately, I could pee on a stick. That’s always produced an effect in the past. Sigh. Whatever.
After tomorrow morning’s appointment, we leave to go to Charleston for the weekend. H has a conference there, and also, one of his groomsmen (and groomsman’s wife) live there. Groomsman and wife are also involved in the conference to some degree (the university where they teach is hosting, I believe), so we’ll be seeing a lot of them. Or H will. I will have nothing to do with the conference, of course, as I have no association with the university, nor any interest in or expertise with teaching. Anyhow, the group that puts this conference on is notorious for jam packing the schedule, doing working dinners/working lunches/working breakfasts, such that they pay for the attendees to come to this conference, but keep them working non-stop once they arrive. So, I will mostly be left to my own whims for the weekend. I have been to Charleston once in the past for another conference (a regional conference for those that use a certain product to store/retrieve data– like if Microsoft put on a conference, and had sessions on SQL, it would be similar to this, aka seriously boring), but I didn’t do or see much because of the conference. I’m hoping to get out to the beaches a bit more, and spend more time leisurely walking around the downtown area. Any other recommendations for Charleston from anyone that knows the area or has visited before?
On the way back on Sunday, I am really hoping to hook up with a certain bloggy friend who will be passing through the area. I’ll let her reveal herself if she chooses, since I know she’s somewhat private about her location, but needless to say, I’m pretty excited. I really hope it can work out for us to cross our paths…
Lastly, as is typical for the PMS-type timeframe, I am super-craving the snacks lately. The following have met with serious approval:
1. Popcorn, specifically Pop Secret 100 Calorie packs, Homestyle (aka just salt) flavor
2. Pim’s Orange biscuits. Usually, I can resist their siren song, but not last night. I ate three, but it was all I could do not to wolf down the whole tube.
3. Haribo Fruiti Bussi. These are the tiny gems I wrote about while overseas, and they are so good. I just opened my last package on Tuesday, and have been doling them out to myself, in tiny sets, so as to make them last longer. Gummi berry filled with flavored goo and sealed with foam sugar on the bottom. Yum.
4. Pretzels. Any brand as long as they are unflavored (other than salt) and super fresh.
5. Frosted Mini Wheats. Breakfast, lunch, dinner- anytime.
So apparently, I’m craving crunchy-salty, and sugarsugarsugar. Ah, well. That’s not unusual. I’m just usually able to resist it, rather than insisting on buying two different packages of cookies AND some pretzels AND some popcorn in addition to the healthy unsweetened apple sauce and/or yogurt that I usually have as snacks. That’s okay. I’m just going to go ahead and blame it on the Lupron…
I have no idea what my internet situation will be like this weekend, what with the traveling and all. Hopefully, I’ll have an update for you before the weekend is out, but if not, I’ll let you all know how the appointment went when I’m back in familiar territory on Monday.
*honestly, though, if I hadn’t made it abundantly clear yet, I LOVE staying home, because I know how much I hate working outside the home. I just do. So, I wouldn’t trade this mild boredom for anything. I know how lucky we are to have a situation where this works (though don’t let me fool you into thinking that it works without a hitch- money is a BITCH, and my lack of impact on that arena is a stressor at times…), but that doesn’t mean that I can’t observe at times that the routine gets tedious. The routine gets tedious at a job, too. I’d rather have this tedium than any other.
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9 Responses to Life Alongside Infertility

  1. Shinejil says:

    Have a great trip, and yes, blame the snacking on the Lupron. Seriously. It's so hard when you're dealing with the rigors of IF treatment to also be rigorous about treats.

  2. Sue says:

    Enjoy the treats and have a wonderful time in Charleston.

  3. jill says:

    Have fun in Charleston! I've never been there so I don't have any ideas of things to do. I hope H's conference events aren't too boring. Traveling for work can be a great benefit but can also be hugely annoying.Thanks so much for your comment – loved the advice about looking elsewhere to make my current situation seem better 🙂 You are so right!

  4. I wish I was that lucky bloggy friend. I don't think your life is mundane! Or maybe it is-but your writing so good that it masks it? Have a great trip and I hope the beottch shows soon.

  5. says:

    Glad the cyst is gone, boo for getting the stitches out on your b-day :(Woot for a trip! Hopefully you have a nice, relaxing weekend exploring the city.

  6. Ellen K. says:

    I liked being a SAHW too. I really miss the naps. : PGlad things are going well. I haven't been able to keep up with all my blog pals, but I'm wishing you all the best as you get closer to ER. And enjoy the snacks. I had a lot of ice cream during IVF because I had read that high-fat dairy promotes egg quality. Not sure what my excuse for indulging is now…Word verification: ferliti.

  7. PiquantMolly says:

    I love how you stopped yourself from writing about your cyst removal. Ms. Pru and I have no shame — you both wrote about our cysts. 'Cause we're classy like that.

  8. jenn says:

    I hear you in the day to day lack of 'stuff' going on- well- stuff of substance to discuss with the bloggy world. Do jobs really have ~that~ much of an impact on our lives & conversations though? Rhetorical question I am trying to work out myself…Have a blast on your trip- jealous you get to meet rachel again! oh- and if your birthday is next week- are you a libra? I'm too lazy to look right now- & please forgive me if this was previously established- but libras rock!

  9. Vernita Kucha says:

    Infertility could be a thing of the past if we can just perfect the stem cell research project that we have today. “:,;. Many thanks foodsupplementdigest

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