hibbedy birteday

So I got a little jewelry tree for my birthday, not from H, but from the geese that live in the marsh at the end of our road. There’s a creek that empties into that marsh that runs along the road to our house, crossed in several places by entries to a shopping center and by a low bridge on an extremely busy road, and so frequently, you find the geese gathered in the parking lots of the drug store and the video store and the movie theater. It’s a flock of about 10 or so that have been hanging around for the last couple of years. They settled in one winter and have never really gone away, and in the spring, they always have their little goslings, and I love to watch traffic come to a screeching halt on Reynolda Rd to let the mamas waddle past with their line of babies (and have been known to pitch a fit when assholes get impatient and try to run them over).

Anyhow, I love these geese. When I first moved here, I was working for Fucking Dell and we had just opened a plant outside of town, and a large swath of land next to the plant had also been cleared (because god forbid you don’t clear a 75 acre ring around your plant… all those trees are bad for the environment, right?), and they had installed a manmade pond to eventually become a fountain type thing, so basically it was Goose Heaven. So when I would go outside to smoke (back when I smoked), which was often, because I would take any excuse to get away from the evil HR whore who was my superior (though not my boss), I would see this enormous, massive flock of hundreds of geese out pecking away in the cleared field. I often commented on it to co-workers, who were native to this area, and they all had nothing positive to say about the geese. I would say how cool I thought it was, because while we have swarms of bats in Austin, there’s not a ton of geese (too hot), and inevitably, one redneck shithead would chime in with some crap about how they’re a plague, how they poop on stuff, how they’re noisy, how they peck at crops, how ‘just you wait, and you’ll hate them, too’, etc. But nevertheless, I was always a fan of them, and found it relaxing to watch them all out there busily pecking and honking away. They just look so intent on whatever task was at hand, just a bustling little society of honking, waddling birds.

Anyway, I have taken quite a liking to the geese in our neighborhood, and when I see them, I am known to loudly announce their presence by shouting, “GEESE!!!” Even though they sometimes poop on my front porch (geese turds are huge…), I still love them. So, you see, they didn’t get the word that I didn’t want to celebrate today, and so they gave me a jewelry tree, and asked H to write me a card.

So, to my geese friends, thank you for the birthday wishes.

I started my day by canceling one doctor’s appointment (to get the stitches out on my cyst) in order to make another one (at my primary care doc’s). Because my throat was on fire when I woke up this morning, and I was feeling a bit feverish, so I wanted to make sure I hadn’t caught the piggy flu* (snort snort). As it turns out, I am flu-free, but also strep-free, so the general consensus is that this is a mild cold of some kind, compounded by seasonal allergies. I am to switch to Zy.rtec from Clari.tin, in hopes that this will help with the scratchy throat, and to just let the sinus crap play out. So now, I have to go to the other doctor this afternoon to have the stitches removed, so instead of getting back into my pyjamas, I am hanging out, waiting for 2:30 when I will leave to go to the dermatologist’s office. Yay.

So. That’s my day so far. Stims start tomorrow and I’m starting to get excited about beginning this next phase…

*you know, farmers and doctors and media folks are all up in arms about calling it “swine flu” because it has nothing to do with pigs and that gives pigs a bad name and therefore we should call it H1N1. Which is fine. But if we’re going to be all dictatorish about the semantics of “swine flu” why are we also not losing our minds over “chicken pox”? Because last time I checked, chickens have nothing to do with chicken pox. Aren’t those poor chickens being maligned by decades of referring to this disease as “chicken pox”? Have we had substantial losses in the chicken market when there’s an outbreak of chicken pox? I hereby will now respond to all complaints about using the term “swine flu” with “CHICKEN POX!” (bok, bok, bok, bok)**

**not to be confused with the “Bork! Bork! Bork!” of the Swedish Chef…

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21 Responses to hibbedy birteday

  1. happy happy day!! I hope it is great for both of us!!

  2. Shinejil says:

    Good luck with stims! Glad the procedure went well. I hope you continue to feel good and hopeful.

  3. JJ says:

    I dont think I ever said happy birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :0)

  4. Sue says:

    Glad the geese were good to you this year. I live next to a waterfowl impoundment area, which sounds like jail for waterfowl but is just a marshy area where they congregate (and where hunters are allowed to shoot them). Anyway, they always fly over my neighborhood, but never stop and land in my neighborhood.Good luck with the stims!

  5. jill says:

    Happy Birthday from the geese in NY too 🙂 That was so sweet of them to think of you on your bday!

  6. jenn says:

    Happy birthday again! I'm so glad the geese were good to you- I love that they 'asked H to write a card'!Sorry you are sick, but glad it isn't the piggy sick. We all have the crappy yucky cold here- I think it's quick though, so that's good.

  7. Tracy says:

    I'm laughing at your chicken impression…too funny. And good point. For the record, I do call it H1N1. I think it sounds cool. Even though it's not.I had that gnarly sore throat last week when we had our bout with a cold. I'm SURE E&R didn't have the throat thing (though they DID have the copious snot thing) because if they had, they would have been CRAAAAANKY. I hope your throat feels better soon and your cold doesn't progress as mine did, otherwise there's a hella-sinus headache on it's way and aforementioned copious snot once your sinuses finally let loose. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And yay stims!

  8. Bork! Damn, I loved the Swedish Chef! Glad the geese were so kind to you. Are they Canada geese? Because that would make me happy. There are tons of them here, too. Hope the med switch helps. And have you tried the neti pot? I swear by it for sinus-y suffering.

  9. Lavender Luz says:

    Sick? Today, of all days!Celebrate your birthday when you're feeling better, and also HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY.

  10. Kait says:

    Many happy returns on your special day. And I commend you for getting a present from geese. My guess is they don't shower to many humans with tokens of their affection. Consider yourself very special indeed!(esperanzasays.wordpress.com – I can't publish under my blog for some reason so I'm going to add it on)

  11. Dang, those are so thoughtful geese.Happy Birthday!Hope you feel better soon.

  12. Melis.sa says:

    Happy Birthday!!!i love geese.i wish they would give me presents instead of honking at me.i hope you feel better, i hate the sore throat from nowhere that doesn't go away.WOOT for stims!!

  13. Alana says:

    Happy Birthday (yesterday… oops!)

  14. Those are some lovely geese – how nice of them to celebrate your birthday!

  15. Photogrl says:

    Happy Birthday!How sweet of H, err, I mean the geese to think of you!I hope you feel better soon!

  16. Photogrl says:

    Oh, and great point about the chicken pox, too!

  17. luxzia says:

    One of my fondest memories of Michigan was watching the goslings in the park I biked through every day grow up. And the native Michiganites (or whatever they are called) hated the geese as well.

  18. The geese on our college campus were so aggressive they'd run you off the path around the lake. Apparently they'd seen scarier things than us hippie liberal-arts pacifists. But I still loved them. It's good that you've switched to zyrtek. Safer than claritin if you get pregnant.Happy b-day, and good luck with the stims! (Don't be surprised if you feel nothing. When you get to your first sono–probably more than 5 days into the stims, there will be lot of follicles, I'm sure.)

  19. Good point about the chicken pox! I'm so glad the geese were so kind to you. I wish you a wonderful year!I hope everything went well today.*HUGS*

  20. Oh, there are just too many reasons to love those geese. Glad you don't have the piggy flu! Do you have a netty pot? It keeps me from getting that sinus crap–which always makes my throat hurt 5x more than strep anyday. Dude, how AWESOME is it to have EVEN MORE doctor appts. : )Well, at least they've been productive lately. And, BTW, H seems even more cool to me. Give 'em a high five for a job well done. xoxo

  21. Isabel says:

    If you were celebrating, I'd wish you very many happy returns of the day, which I don't know what it means, but I think it means that you get lots more birthdays, so many more chances to decide whether or not to celebrate. Plus some herons here say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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