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Thirty Five Weeks

Ah, yes. Wednesday weekly update time! Thirty five weeks. Isn’t that crazy? Wait, don’t I say that all the time? I’m still kind of baffled by the fact that I’ve made it this far. I remember early in my pregnancy … Continue reading

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Thirty Four Weeks

Sigh. Yaaaaawn. Man, I’m tired. Someday, I might sleep again, but I have no idea when. H and I have been discussing potential schedules (there’s a book I’ve been perusing- Juggling Twins– that espouses a shared-sleep schedule for parents of … Continue reading

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Yeah, Well, I’m TIRED.

So I had the super-trifecta appointment marathon yesterday (the NST, the ultrasound and the regular OB appointment). I would have updated sooner but yesterday ended up being a surprisingly busy day. Post-marathon-appointment, I met up with the awesome JJ (and … Continue reading

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Lazy Kate, 33 weeks

33 is a good number isn’t it? I’m 33 weeks today. And 33 years old (And 33% crazy, right?). And I managed to take a picture today, too. And it’s not an even-numbered week! What is the world coming to??? … Continue reading

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