Yeah, Well, I’m TIRED.

So I had the super-trifecta appointment marathon yesterday (the NST, the ultrasound and the regular OB appointment). I would have updated sooner but yesterday ended up being a surprisingly busy day. Post-marathon-appointment, I met up with the awesome JJ (and Oman) for lunch. Man, she made a cute kid! His current likes include lights and dropping bits of french fry on the ground, and his dislikes include the circular crackers that are mixed in with the fish-shaped crackers and not being able to reach the plates on the table. So. Bleepin’. CUTE.

Anyhow, we had a lovely lunch with JJ and then stopped by Lowe’s on our way home. We had gone by there over the weekend to look at interior doors, since the door between our master bedroom and the living room is a shuttered sliding door, and we wanted a real door. So we paid the $35 to have someone come and measure, and then we had to go back to Lowe’s to authorize completion of the project. Which ended up being about $200 higher than expected AND would require a 3-4 week wait, just to get the custom ordered door in stock from the special order warehouse. Apparently, our doorway is both too big and too small for current door standards, and so even the custom-ordered door will require almost $100 in modification to work for our door frame. Doesn’t make sense to me, but what do I really know? So yeah. That’s not really gonna work for us.

Instead, we decided to try a little modification to our existing door to create a bit more privacy. We found some really great fabric that coordinates with our bedroom, and so we will be creating a padded cover kind of thing to go on the back side of the door so that it provides a little bit of sound muffling for once we have guests around (um, not that we plan on having wild raucous love-making sessions while guests are around– the whole likely-c-birth/early-parenthood thing pretty much takes care of that for us– but if someone is in the living room or bedroom and wants to watch television, it would be nice to have the extra sound blockade of a more solid door). Anyhow, I haven’t worked out the exact logistics of what we’re doing, but I’ve got a pretty good idea, and I’ll certainly follow up at some point if it works. SO, after the trip to Lowe’s, we had to make an unexpected stop at the fabric store and spend half-an-hour debating project style and process, etc.

Long and short of it is that I left the house shortly before 9:00 a.m. and didn’t get home until around 3:30 p.m. And that’s a LONG day for Miss 33 Weeks… And to top it all off, my internet went all wonky yesterday (thanks again, Clear Wi-Max…), and I wasn’t getting a signal for more than 3-5 minutes at a time, which was more than my frustrated little heart could handle at that point. And to top that off, with the sudden heat spike we had yesterday (my Texas friends are laughing their asses off at me right now, ‘cos I think it was all of 80-ish degrees yesterday…), I was really swollen and my hands in particular were really uncooperative. And I had breast feeding class last night and I needed to nap beforehand if I was going to make it through alive. And so, all of the three prior paragraphs here hopefully suffice as excuse for why I did not promptly update with news and pictures from our doctor visit.

But you’re really not missing much by waiting a day to hear about the triple appointment. My boys decided for the first time to be a little twerpish at yesterday’s non-stress test. Baby A was absolutely uninterested in staying close enough to the surface to monitor (he wasn’t moving away so much as just diving deeper, as it were). And Baby B was playing back-and-forth wiggle worm, shifting just enough to worm his way off the monitor, moving back only when the nurse practically forced him back OR when he felt you move the monitor to chase him. Cute. Totally adorable, dude. All the same, let’s not do that again…

At the ultrasound, there was some early confusion, because it appeared that both boys had turned feet down, but actually, that was just Baby A moving around so much that it seemed that there were, in fact, FOUR legs dancing on my bladder, when there were actually only two. They remain with their heads right up next to each other (conspiring!), lining up somewhere around the midline of my belly, close to the belly button. A’s head is on the right side of the belly button, with his body curled downward, tucked nice and tightly into my pelvis (which feels as AWESOME as it sounds… if by “awesome”, I mean annoying and shockingly painful at times…). Baby B’s head is on the left, a little higher than A’s, and he has his body curved around the upper part of my belly, legs kind of making an upside down “U” over Baby A’s head. Perfect position for kicking his brother in the head (play nice, please…). So this explains why I feel so much movement on my right, because when B kicks or shifts or whatever, he cannot avoid kicking or shifting into A, who then wakes up and plays Riverdance on my poor walnut-sized bladder.

Baby B remains stubbornly positioned so that his sweet face is looking toward my spine, so this is about the best we could get:
Baby B, 33 weeks

But Baby A decided to turn for approximately .03 seconds, and we were able to get this semi-profile of him:
Baby A, 33 weeks

But, the biggest news from the ultrasound was that at 33 weeks, Baby A was measuring just over 5 lbs (FIVE. FRICKIN’. POUNDS.), and Baby B was measuring just under 5 lbs. So, if you’ve got your rudimentary mathematics hat on, you know that this means I’ve got TEN POUNDS of human in me right now. TEN POUNDS of baby, not counting placenta and fluids and various fat stores to support them, etc. No wonder I feel like a land yacht. Per most baby books, a singleton at this gestational age averages between 4 and 4.5 lbs. And apparently, average weight gain from here on out is about 1/2 a lb each week. So yeah. Big babies. GIANT, ENORMOUS, BEHEMOTH babies. No complaints, though. I would 1000x over rather have big babies, especially because they will likely arrive at least a little early, and they need all the weight they can hold to make it through those early days (even if it means relegating me to land yacht status for the next several weeks…).

And of course, that said, I met with the OB as well. He declared me the “poster child” for a perfect twin pregnancy. The boys are measuring just right, I am measuring just right, they move enough, my weight gain is on track, cervix is still all nice and long and high, etc. After being so broken for so long in so many different ways, I have to admit that I felt a little proud again that I’m doing something right, that medically, it’s good news, not bad (which is just so rare a thing with me!). Along with this, he declared that he felt quite comfortable saying that it was pretty likely that the boys were in for the long haul. He (of course) added the caveat that things can change rapidly with twin pregnancy, that there were no guarantees, but that when he’s seen a virtually trouble-free pregnancy, with things looking like they do right now, that typically, the babies will stay in as long as we let them.

Which is great news. Wonderful, awesome news. Great for the boys and for their health and for our prospects with their early lives. BUT, honestly, not such awesome news for the one housing them right now! To be clear, I am extremely dedicated to keeping them right where they are for as long as possible, but as things become slightly more difficult (and slightly hotter), I do definitely grow eager to begin feeling slightly more human (and slightly less ‘incubator’) than I do right now. I’m learning to live with the fact that my hands are pretty much useless, except as flipper-like appendages, for the first several hours of the day. I’m getting used to the constant heartburn, and the rubber-foot feeling and the need to rest all day. And I’m thrilled beyond belief that these really are the worst side effects I’ve had to deal with throughout this pregnancy. But it does make me sigh just a little that it’ll probably be more like 4 weeks before they’re here, rather than the 2 weeks that would be the average arrival time for twins.

So, along with the OB’s comments on the progress of this pregnancy, I got answers to a few more questions. As to what I can do about my flipper-hands/wrist pain/tendon weirdness in my fingers, etc., the short answer is NOTHING. Which is about what I expected. The longer answer is to keep trying ice and/or intermittent heat, keep drinking lots of water, keep using the braces at night, keep doing gentle stretches, but know that these efforts are going to be pretty much useless in a matter of weeks (or even days…). As for the birth plan, given the boys’ continued preference for any position OTHER than vertex (B was briefly semi-vertex a few weeks ago, but is now back to transverse), and my personal preference for any situation that avoids the need for an emergency c-birth, he is perfectly comfortable scheduling me for a c-birth at 38 weeks, unless there is some very compelling reason to do so at 37 weeks (and I’m more than delighted to wait an extra week to get them to 38 weeks– there’s just that little bit of womb-magic that happens between 37 and 38 that makes life on the outside so much easier for them…). So. Final eviction date? It’s looking like June 16th.

Lastly, after my last shitty OB and her “Baker’s Dozen” comment*, I practically danced out of the room after asking him about doing a tubal ligation while they were in to do the Caesarian birth. Because I asked, and his immediate, no hesitation response was, “Sure! Of course! No problem.” He followed that up by saying, “are you sure?” (almost jokingly), and I assured him that our plans were to have only one in the first place (though we are thrilled with having two at once), and that even if we were nuts and decided to have another, that with our brand of infertility, we bypass the tubes altogether. And so he offered that he would call Dr. Main Dude at the old RE’s office, and find out how the best way to do a tubal ligation (remove the tubes altogether, or cut them closer to the uterus than usual, etc.) in order to preserve fertility in the off chance that we go off the deep end and decide to play with our totsicles later on.

So yeah. Tick, tick, ticking right along as usual. He was even comfortable enough to bump my next appointment to two weeks instead of one week away. Yes! One less appointment! Of course, sadly, he did say that he felt that another ultrasound/growth scan wouldn’t be necessary for 3-4 weeks, since things are looking so great now, so there is the possibility that yesterday’s ultrasound may be the last time I see them until they actually arrive! Sigh.

And with that, I think I’ve used up my typing time for today. Anything exciting going on in your world? Any advice for keeping my head in the game over these next few weeks, or just any words on how to endure without going slightly batty (not that I’m not already there, more or less…)?

*for those that weren’t reading back then, my last OB, when I asked her about a tubal ligation, told me that she wasn’t comfortable doing so on first-time mothers because I might meet these two babies and “fall in love” (um, is there a chance I *won’t* love my children?) and want a “baker’s dozen more” (neverminding the fact that our intentions were to only have one in the first place, and that our finances, plus fertility issues, plus our ages, plus the picture in our head of what we want our family to look like all add up to the fact that WE DON’T WANT MORE CHILDREN). That was just one among many reasons why I dumped her.

OH, and the latest? I declined some tests that she wanted to run, and today, I just got a bill for my portion of those tests… Tests that had been run by my primary care doc just a month or two prior to my pregnancy, tests that I told her I did not want at all, that I was not in a risk category for (gonorrhea and chlamydia, esp. having just been tested for them before starting fertility treatment), that were totally, completely unnecessary and a waste of my time and money and a waste of my insurance resources. She told me she had to do a pelvic exam anyway, and I guess at that time, she took a swab and ran the tests that I told her I didn’t want. Awesome. So now, the billing company has to contact her clinic and fight with her about it. All I know is that she can suck it. She can pay for those tests herself, because I did not authorize them. Period.

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12 Responses to Yeah, Well, I’m TIRED.

  1. Brandy says:

    That sounds incredibly uncomfortable, but I'm so glad that everything looks good with the babies!My cousin wanted a tubal after her second child and her OB refused. She was young (21 I think), and she couldn't afford the two she had, but her doc told her that she would probably get divorced and would want more children later on. Well, she did get divorced, and now she has four kids from thre different daddies. And she just lost her job. I think she was going to get a tubal after this last one, but her insurance wouldn't pay for it. Really. Of course, this is all extremely annoying to me the

  2. Sue says:

    Sorry you're not feeling your best, but I'm really glad the boys continue to do well. Hang in there – it's not much longer now!

  3. JJ says:

    Im just so excited that the next time I see you, the boys will be here! I know this last little bit is so exhausting. But you look fantasssstic! So good seeing you all, and the Oman sends high fives 😉

  4. PJ says:

    Congrats on making it to 33 weeks!!!Ugh, I had two appointments on Wednesday and it WORE ME OUT! So how many Braxton Hicks do you have on a day like that? Since Wed. I seem to be getting them on and off, and I hate them!Five pounds is amazing for 33 weeks! You have definitely had a good twin pregnancy. Cure for most pregnancy woes: birth. 😛 Annoying, isn't it?We're getting close!!!

  5. strongblonde says:

    you're already almost to where i delivered!! my uterus is jealous of your uterus, lol!!yay for 33 weeks. isn't it crazy to think you have 10 lbs of baby in you?? i have no advice on keeping your head in the game since i was kinda taken by surprise. my advice? pack a bag now 🙂 lol. xx

  6. I know, easy to say but really – you are on the home stretch. Enjoy the quiet and focus on the calmness in your life. Yikes about the doctor who gave insisted on sharing her view of populating the world. I am scared for the people who think she has a say in their reproductive plans. Don't we have a choice?I am sorry -Please explain to me the purpose of getting tested for STD'S while you are pregnant?June 16th will be here soon! My hope for you is that it arrives in the blink of an eye!

  7. Oh god, I remember 33 weeks. It's so amazing not to be pregnant right now, especially looking back on how uncomfortable that last month was. My babies came out at 37 1/2 weeks, and they were in really good shape. (Though don't believe the sono tech telling you they weigh 5 pounds. They told me EXACTLY the same thing at 33 weeks–which was the week I went into the hospital with the kidney stone–and it clearly wasn't true. Gretchen was born a full month later at LESS than 5 pounds. Not to diminish what you're carrying–it's unbelievably uncomfortable.)A couple tips–get the Boppy pregnancy wedge if you don't already have it. I know, I know, the thought of spending $25 (price with shipping from Amazon) this close to the end is horrifying. But it made a HUGE difference on how well I slept at night–reduced my lower back pain and hip pain immensely. And I used it in the hospital AFTER I had the babies, when the floppy c-section belly was sore lying on my side, which is the only way I can sleep. Okay, that's only one tip. But I'm so excited for you! I know I haven't been blogging lately, but I want to make sure you know that as hard as this is, it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. Little ones are amazing and adorable and wonderful and they started SMILING this week! Oh, I do have a second tip. If you're really struggling within a week or two after the delivery, go on antidepressants. Made a world of difference to me. I never wanted to go back on them, but I think it was the smartest thing I ever did. And with your plans to be a SAHM (that's still the plan, right?), it's even more important, because otherwise you'll get into the grind and start seeing your whole life pass by in the tedium and … well, maybe you'll handle it better than I did.Wish I had more time to read/write. I've been thinking about you a lot. Sometime we need to get together, like if you ever bring your little ones up to Silver Spring to visit your aunt (right?) again.Love,BC

  8. jenn says:

    Wow…that is a whole ~lot~ of baby! Even with the 'give or take a pound' rule for u/s guesstimates of weight. Hopefully it's take on your end & they stay in a good couple weeks more!I wish I had anything other than a hearty- I feel you- with the carpal tunnel sucky flipper hands thing. It sucks. And it will continue to suck & probably get worse until about 2 days after the boys are here. It's just one more reason that women are in charge of gestation. We are actually much stronger than men when it comes to this & can tolerate so much more than they can!

  9. Dude!! You are such a warrior. So glad to hear all is well with the boys and that you are carrying on with such good spirits, land yacht status notwithstanding.

  10. Tara says:

    Yay for everything! Good doctor's appointments, good weights! Only thing I'd say is to enjoy this time for just you and H.

  11. Yay for big healthy boys! Even if it means pregnant mom is getting the very short end of the stick for a few more weeks. Hang in there, momma!

  12. Photogrl says:

    10 pounds of baby….wow!No doubt, you're tired…I'm 3 weeks behind you and am so tired some days, I'm not sure how I function at all!I had to laugh when you mentioned feeling all the movement on your right side. I'm the same way, only the babies like to hang out on my left side! Yay for the doctor being open to doing a tubal for you!Hang in there, Momma…you're doing GREAT!

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