Quick Update, Then…

So, I went to the doctor. He wasn’t in the office today, but his nurse was there and she checked me out. My BP was high (well, high for me) at 135/90, but it dropped a little after I laid on my left and rested for 5-10 minutes. So… it took 36 weeks, but after the nurse consulted with the doctor, I am officially relegated to BED REST! Gaaaaah. Yeah, yeah. Most of you are like, ‘WTFever, lady, you’ve got a whopping two weeks to go…’, but it still doesn’t mean that I have to like it. Laying down hurts. But of course, sitting up also hurts. I suppose it doesn’t matter much, really. And honestly, it’s not super strict bed rest, either. Just ‘couch rest’, no stairs, no helping H with any chores*, no doing loads of laundry– just resting with my feet up as much as possible, leaving the house only for appointments and whatnot. So maybe ‘house arrest’ is the appropriate term. Whatevs. No big deal. I’m just thrilled to have made it this far without having any real complications.

I’m scheduled for my second weekly NST on Friday, so my OB will see me briefly then since he wasn’t actually in office to look at me today, but it should be just to make sure everything’s still okay (though at some point, I’m supposed to have my group B strep test and the whole gonorrhea/chlamydia routine– but I wonder whether I need either of these tests, since barring some strange miraculous event, I won’t be delivering via the possibly germy vagina…). I’m not spilling protein or anything, so the bed rest is just a preventative measure at this point to keep things from getting any worse. They’re also keeping me on the schedule for Monday (my already-scheduled OB visit, though I also have a NST and ultrasound in the morning), just in case they want to check on me again after the weekend.

So, just this quick update and then off to bed. Fun times are ahead, I’m sure!

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9 Responses to Quick Update, Then…

  1. Melis.sa says:

    woot woot for house arrest! 🙂 bah, enjoy the quiet

  2. amy says:

    Ugh! Totally thought this was the "…we're off to the hospital!" post. Oh well. Hope you have a laptop to get through the bed rest!

  3. Photogrl says:

    Kick up those feet and rest!It's really not that bad, honest. The first couple of days were rough, and took some adjusting, but now I'll admit it, I feel better.For real.It has helped some of my swelling go down, and has brought my pressure down, too.Two more weeks…you're doing GREAT!

  4. Christina says:

    Enjoy your bed rest! And congrats on making it so far without needing bed rest earlier!!

  5. Tara says:

    Phew! But seriously, if it doesn't involve gestating or mindless brain cells, then don't do it. Only two more weeks!

  6. Ellen K. says:

    Like Amy, I thought I'd be reading a different sort of post right now. Congrats on getting to 36 weeks! Whatever happens now, you and the boys should be good to go. I & N were born at 36w3d and every doctor and nurse congratulated me on this "accomplishment" (really, my cervix of steel's accomplishment…) And do try to relish the bed rest — it will be your last rest for awhile. : P

  7. Kait says:

    Good luck on bed rest. I'm sure it's going to be rough, but right now, trekking to work every day, I'm a little jealous. I hope it doesn't drive you crazy. Keep us posted.

  8. loribeth says:

    Glad to hear you are OK, after reading your last post. Hang in there — I think it's amazing that you've made it to 36 weeks — not much longer!! And don't hesitate to head back to your OB if you don't feel like the bed rest if helping. I stopped taking my bp on the drugstore machines because it was ALWAYS sky high — scared the crap out of me (& I do have high bp, I'm on meds for it). I always get much better results at my family dr & he's very good about letting me drop by every few weeks for a check in.

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