24 hrs

So, it’s been almost one whole day on bed rest. And yeah. It’s not so much fun. But it also doesn’t really suck as bad as I thought it would, at least not yet.

I realized a bit ago that I left an asterisked statement unexplained in my last post. H does, in fact, already wait on me hand and foot. And at yesterday’s appointment, the nurse was explaining to me what my restrictions should entail, and even though I told her that I don’t do anything (no, REALLY, I don’t do ANYTHING), she reiterated that I needed to make sure that I wasn’t cooking for H or doing just one last bit of cleaning or arranging or anything. And poor H just sat there biting his tongue, because, pregnant or not, I don’t do much in the way of cleaning. I will tidy up here and there, and when I do cook, I clean as I go along so there’s not a whole lot of mess. I do laundry (my own, but sometimes H’s as well), and I clean an occasional bathroom, but routine day-to-day stuff is H’s domain. And since I’ve grown painfully pregnant, my efforts around the house have been pretty much non-existent. I’ve cooked the odd meal, or helped H cook, and I think I cleaned a toilet a few days ago. And after dinner each night, when I stand up from the table, I do turn around and take one extra step to open the fridge to put condiments back in there, and place my plate in the sink as I walk past.

But the point is, while I have been doing what I can (which is only what I can do that falls along existing paths of travel– I walk to the bathroom, which is where the washing machine is, so there’s virtually no extra effort made to turn on the washing machine or to put my laundry in it’s basket, etc.), H has been busting his rump to take care of me, doing 99% of all chores and household maintenance (cooking, cleaning, gardening, grocery shopping, meal planning, lawn care, putting laundry away for me, any and all heavy lifting, etc.). My OB’s nurse is a sweetheart and a wonderful person, but she falls into the trap of thinking that because I am the woman, I am somehow more invested in the cleanliness of the house, and I think that H got his feelings a little hurt because she implied that he needed to take over more duties around the house. Which is pretty well impossible, since (no, REALLY) I do nothing.

Which also kind of concerns me. Since H has been off after spring semester ended, our days have consisted of fairly minimal activity. We take the odd trip to Target or out for lunch, or to the grocery store, or to the OB’s office. And I do the very limited “chores” I listed above, but most days consist of me waking up, walking to the kitchen, getting my morning pills and then plopping myself in front of the computer until we decide to leave the house for whatever reason, or until I get tired and decide to nap. And after I nap, I get up and walk to the kitchen again where I do about 10 minutes of help with dinner prep and then sit at the table to eat. And then, I go back to bed. I make the odd trip to the bathroom, or to refill my water glass (or to make myself a root beer float. Oh, MAN, the root beer float cravings are insane these days…), but that is really all I do.

So, if my blood pressure is raised after having a day like I describe above, is it really going to make a huge difference if I’m reclining in bed instead of in front of the computer desk? If I cut out the ten minutes a day I spend standing in the kitchen, setting the table or helping H with bits of dinner, is it going to keep my body happier? I just don’t know, and that slightly concerns me. I guess I’ll know more at my appointment tomorrow about whether cutting back on my already-limited activity has done anything to help…

Yep. Here I sit (well, recline…) in bed, watching crappy TV, annoying my Facebook friends, and blogging about the minutia of my day. I did “get dressed” today, even if it was just changing out of one ratty oversized tee shirt into a ratty tank top and yoga pants… it counts, right? Boring, boring, boring.

I actually thought at some point earlier in this pregnancy that I should have some knitting/crocheting or other stitchery projects lined up in the event that I ended up on bed rest. And of course, now that I’m on bed rest, I can’t do any of those things because my wrists and fingers simply won’t tolerate the movements necessary to do stitchery work. I’d love to finally put the hand ties on the quilts I made a few months ago, but holding a needle right now just isn’t going to work. Sigh.

So, if you’ve endured bed rest for whatever reason (or if you’re just creative-minded and have ideas of what you might do if you had limited movement…), what are some things you’ve done to entertain yourself? Help a girl out, here!

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15 Responses to 24 hrs

  1. PJ says:

    My blood pressure hovers in the 130's/85-90, and all I do is hang out on the couch. My Alere nurse (the nurses that I have to talk with every day because I'm being monitored) seems concerned about it, but my doctors are not. My husband pretty much does everything, like H. He'd have been offended by the nurse's implications also.I'm going to be brazen tomorrow and ask if I can go get my hair done, go out to dinner, or a movie once and a while!Two weeks of hanging out on the couch shouldn't be bad. I do a lot of reading, watching bad daytime TV and stuff we've Tivo'd, and Netflix. I talk on the phone a lot. Thank you cards, pay bills, etc. Yawn.

  2. JJ says:

    Ack! Bedrest is the pits–I dont have fond memories. *shudder*BUT–hopefully you you will not be on BR for long! I did crochet, watched a lot of Netflix DVD's (TV series Id never seen–like Weeds) read, took up needle point.Let me know if you need anything!

  3. Online shopping… even just "window" shopping online… researching EVERY SINGLE baby item I have bought down to the most minute details- just because I had the time and nothing else to do… I'm also an avid reader- so books books and more books. I'm also a nerd for crosswords and other word puzzles… I have logged more TV time in the last 4 months of bed rest than I had in probably the last four YEARS- if watching DIY network makes you an expert- someone give me a contractor's license!! And also computer time… I play a lot of games on the computer- crappy mind-numbing games- like backgammon… on the computer… it's a sad life being on bed rest… At least you've only got a couple of weeks to go!!

  4. Ashley says:

    Well, I wasn't ever on bed rest, but I can imagine how bored you are. TV, drawing, paint by number, solitaire, reading, Netflix, blogs, organizing pictures and backing up all pictures and files on the computer, deleting old emails…. my job is technology, so I could think of a million things to do on my computer.Hang in there. You are so darn close!

  5. SassyMama says:

    I did 9 weeks of bedrest. 6 at home and 3 at the hospital. It actually did help my blood pressure. When I went on home bedrest my bp stabilized for a while, and then once I was on complete bedrest in the hospital and lying on my left side all the time my blood pressure stabilized again for several days (I ended up delivering early due to preeclampsia).So what did I do? I got into TV series like JJ mentioned. I rented whole seasons at a time. I read a lot. Some baby books for after they arrived, some fiction. I learned to crochet, but it sounds like that won't work for you. I did sudoku, crosswords, brain teasers and wrote in my blog and wrote letters to the babies. I wish I had started their baby books. I am using Blurb (blurb.com) and slurping my blog posts into a book and then editing it to add pictures as I see fit. I am starting from when I found I was pregnant and it has been a huge undertaking. At least you could get the pregnancy part done. Just an idea.For me, bedrest wasn't too bad. A little monotonous, but I always found things to do. I enjoyed the downtime.Hope you find things to keep yourself occupied!

  6. strongblonde says:

    lol. i felt like i found the end of the internets! it was absolutely crazy. i ordered stuff online, i read a million blogs, etc, etc. you may also remember that i watched several shows in their entirity: the wire, dexter, entourage, and started the sopranos. oh yeah…i think that i watched big love, too. it was fun and i didn't have to endure all of the BS that is on during the day. a few friends came over to visit, but that's about it. oh yeah…weeds, too!you're super close. you could talk or read to the babies. or is that too weird? i must have read a million trashy magazines, too. btw. didn't get to comment on the last picture post, but you look so good 🙂 i'm super proud of you for making it this far! you're in uncharted territory. pretty soon you're going to have real live babies running the crib! crazy! hang in there. oh yeah! just remembered one other thing i did: start the birth announcements and baby books. you can fill in a lot of dumb stuff that you will NOT have time to do later 🙂

  7. Not having any experience with bedrest, i agree that the ladies above gave some great ideas. You look so great too girl in your weekly update photos, wow its about time huh? So excited for you! Hope you find something fun and time passing while on BR hopefully it wont be for much longer. xoxox

  8. Ellen K. says:

    LOL, I remember that around 32 weeks, D. asked me why I wasn't "nesting" (i.e., cleaning frantically) like I was "supposed to do." According to D.'s co-workers, I was also supposed to have a wild sex drive during the second trimester, and so he felt cheated. Poor baby.I was never on bedrest, but because I worked from home and stopped working in the late second trimester, my days consisted of major loafing. God, I miss it. I read a lot and talked on the phone a lot. And slept, and slept, and slept.

  9. Tracy says:

    You know you aren't going to get much sympathy from me on the (maybe) two weeks of bedrest you may have in store, right? 😉 (on strict from weeks 12-20, and modified, like what you're on, from 20-37.)I'm a pro at restrictions. I spent a ton of time on the computer, but also watched a lot of DVDs. I think I watched the entire series of Friends (you don't have time for that anymore), as well as all of the New Adventures of Old Christine (which was recently cancelled…damn it.) If you have Netflix, you can stream to your laptop or through a Wii if you have one for only 8.99/month. What a deal. Too bad I didn't know about that when I was pregnant. Would have saved Scott a lot of trips to the video store, not to mention $$$. Hang in there. You're seriously in the home stretch. And for what it's worth, my BP elevated slightly at the end, too, and it was erratic. High one day, fine the next. I wouldn't worry about it. If the boys are born anytime now, I'm sure they'll come home with you, so just lay low as long as you can!

  10. AL says:

    UGH, I'm sorry that you're on bed rest, it does not sound fun.I would say reading, movies, sudoku, crosswords…all of that will get old after a while I'm sure. hang in there!

  11. Yeah, I have no advice for bed rest. I only did a week of it and by the end my attention span was totally shot. I couldn't read, watch TV or surf the 'net for more than 20 minutes at a time. It was like a horrible case of ADD. Not encouraging, I know. Sorry. The best thing for me on bed rest was visitors. I had a bunch of friends come over for a few hours at a time to hang out and those were the hours when time actually moved. Hang in there!

  12. OK, I know BR isn't funny, but your comments about your, um, housekeeping made me laugh and laugh, because that is so me. I did finally buy a Roomba because while I will not actually vacuum, I can stand to start the Roomba. So that's something.I'm not much help, but you might get some chuckles out of these bad translations of signs into English for tourists posted by readers of the NYT: http://tinyurl.com/nyt-signs.OK, my word verification is psingslo, which if you add an "is" after that first P is … a side-effect of the third trimester?

  13. Melis.sa says:

    I hope it goes by quickly! I would watch things that make you laugh…like the kenny rogers chicken episode from seinfeld… 🙂

  14. jill says:

    Sorry to hear about the bedrest. How annoying. I have no ideas on what you should do. I think I would be content staring glossy-eyed at the TV for most of the day or reading books. Wishing you luck. Man oh man though, I love your 36 week pic! I'm so very excited for you!!This is so late but I want to thank you for your past comments about my running and the 5k and the song suggestions! I feel very lucky to have you reading and commenting. I didn't end up taking music to my 5k but I will definitely use your suggestions in the future 🙂

  15. Photogrl says:

    I was shocked when I was pulled from work and placed on modified bedrest. All I did at work was sit at a computer and get up to go to the bathroom…so like you, I really wondered how much of a difference it would make.Shockingly, it has made a big difference for me and my pressure. After only 1 week of bedrest, my pressure is MUCH better, swelling is down and I even lost 3 pounds of water weight.Sadly, the moment I sit in a "sitting" position for more than 20 minutes my feet start to swell again…it must have something to do with my 47 week uterus stopping the circulation! ;)As for what I do, I read, play on the internet, make lists of what needs done, and talk on the phone.You're doing a great job, Kate…and the end is getting close!

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