No, The Babies Aren’t Here Yet

Just thought I’d get that out of the way…

I had my second-weekly Non-Stress Test on Friday*, followed by what was supposed to just be a quick check on the blood pressure and reassesment of the whole necessity of bedrest. Instead, I found myself sprawled on the exam table with a q-tip prodding the Death Star. I think I knew that the Group B Strep test involved taking a culture from both the vagina and the other, um, hole, but I seemed to have forgotten that fact until I had the shocking thrill of an unexpected poke to the bum-hole.

Fun. Just thought I’d share that for those of you that haven’t ever had this test, so you aren’t shocked by your own close encounter of the swabby kind.

Anyhow, it was determined that my blood pressure is still holding steady, I’m still not spilling protein, etc., and so, I’m encouraged to remain on bedrest, but not required. I discussed with my OB some boundaries, and was told that I basically needed to judge for myself what kind of activity was “too much”. He said he wouldn’t find it unreasonable for me to leave the house, as long as I kept it brief and low-key, and provided that I also spend as much of the rest of my day horizontal as I possibly can. So, I have a few things I wanted to do in the coming days (1-2 more things I want to buy to take with me to the hospital, browsing some baby books at the book store, maybe dinner out with my parents, an hour or two spent floating neck-deep in our local pool, sous-chefing one more meal before I am too busy to do so**, etc.), and I figure that as long as I keep it to one activity per day, I’ll be doing alright (unless, of course, doing any of these leaves me feeling dizzy/flushed again).

Honestly, at this point, it’s an exercise in balance. Keep me (and my body) happy, and keep the babies happy. The babies will most likely be happiest and healthiest if they are given another ten or so days to hang out in utero. And at this point, the cost to my health is minimal (though the swollen hands and feet are screaming otherwise!). If the cost to my health is too high in spite of behavior modifications, it is more than reasonable for the babies to come out earlier. So. Balance, balance, balance. I’m including my mental health in that balance as well, though. Knowing that in a maximum of ten days, there will be plenty of activities that I can no longer do for some time, it makes me feel like I should take advantage of them now. And that mental health perspective supports both bed rest AND running an occasional errand!

I have another appointment this upcoming Monday, so the OB will get another chance to assess the situation again soon. Monday’s appointment will have NST#1 for the week, but will also have an ultrasound, my last u/s before the boys arrive. Since my mom will be in town, I think I’m going to ask her if she wants to come along for the ultrasound. I don’t even know if she’ll be interested, and since I have to do the (very long and potentially boring) NST first, I’m not sure how it will work. But, considering that ultrasound technology has changed drastically in the 25+ years since she was last expecting, I thought she might find it interesting. And since I’m having my tubes tied, this may very well be her only chance to see such a thing (unless my SIL decides to invite my mom to any of her possible future ultrasounds…). We’ll see. Regardless of whether Mom comes or not, I am (as always) excited to get a look at the babies again. If the way I’ve been feeling lately is any indication, I expect they’ll weigh in at approx. 30 lbs each.

I thank everyone so much for their suggestions of entertaining things to do while horizontal. I seem to have settled into a routine of internet usage, and TV watching. I LOVE puzzles, but I am finally to the point where I really can’t hold a pen at all, so I do the occasional online crossword or sudoku, but it’s not the same somehow. Typing is hard, but as long as I take frequent breaks, I can still manage to make it through a few comments and the odd post. Which is good because I am sad and pathetic and I do not have many friends locally (and those I do have are all out of town for the summer right now…). If I find a baby book that I like at a book store, I may try to work on that a little bit (printing a few pictures, typing some things, etc.). Well see what else I can come up with!

My parents are somewhere between Louisiana and Georgia right now, and should be arriving here in Winston midday on Sunday. They’ll stop at our house for an hour or two before heading over to pick up the keys to the apartment they’re subletting for the next couple of months. They’re bringing Moose, who is their two year old Corgi:
Happy Moose
He’s a cutie-pie and he’s *generally* well-behaved, so I’m actually looking forward to having him around for this bit of time. It’s like having a nephew or something. You can play and have fun, and when they start to misbehave, you can hand them back over to Mom. Moose has been around children, and he LOVES children, but he hasn’t been around babies, specifically, so here’s hoping that he likes babies as much as he does other little people. Obviously, if he doesn’t get along with babies, he will be staying at Mom’s sublet during the day while she comes over here (Dad is only staying here for two weeks, which is miraculous that he’s agreed to stay even that long. He’s not much for traveling…).

So. The circus begins… Mom and Dad arrive tomorrow, H’s mom arrives the Monday after that, and then, next come the babies! Crazy!!

*at my last two non-stress tests, Baby A and Baby B have decided to switch roles. Usually B is the fussy, difficult one, rolling on and off the monitors, kicking the little discs, very dramatic movements, but on Tuesday and Friday, A decided that he wanted to sleep through all of the nonsense. Despite feeding them some caffeine, A has stubbornly refused to have extended accelerations. He’s mostly on the monitor, and he’s moving, and has brief accelerations, but they really need the accelerations to last a certain amount of time, and lately, he has been most uncooperative. They aren’t terribly concerned about this latest behavior, but he’s just making it difficult to complete the assessments in a timely fashion. Twerp.

**H has been learning to cook some of my favorite recipes lately. Last night, we made my Lemony Asparagus Pasta (I posted it on this post under the list of ten things…). And a while back, we made Chicken with Tomatoes and Garlic. It’s good, as in “ZOMG, PLEASE, we have to make this again and again and again!” kind of good… I really love cooking and so I’ve been trying to pass along to H some of my tips and techniques, and to (minimally, while sitting with my feet elevated) help him with some meals.


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6 Responses to No, The Babies Aren’t Here Yet

  1. lol- I love that you're teaching your hubs to cook some of your favorites! I've had a few more weeks to do so- my husband actually does a few things better than me at this point I think. I love to cook, and I've helped as much as possible, but he's really taken over my kitchen!!Glad everything is still going well, and that your doc has the sense to tell you that you're allowed to do minor outings and such. My only instructions at the beginning of bedrest were- "you are allowed to get up to use the washroom."I'm really getting excited for you and to see those babies!! Almost there!!

  2. PJ says:

    I doubt I'll let them induce me before 38 weeks unless there's some medical reason. OK maybe at 37 1/2. I'm going to enjoy this time of being able to get out a bit – like you maybe once a day. That's the plan anyway!I got the joy of having the strep b test twice. I had it at the hospital at 29 weeks, and then I had to have another one on Thursday. Fun.That pasta thing sounds so yummy! I may have to try that.We're SOOO close!

  3. Rachel says:

    I am so glad that you have plenty of help arriving soon! Can't believe the international squash duo are arriving so soon!As for the NST, caffeine actually does not necessarily cross the placenta. So you're drinking coffee to get through an NST is not as effective as a glass of OJ because sugar goes much more quickly via the placenta.

  4. Photogrl says:

    First of all, thanks for your comment about my 3 hour NST…it made me feel a lot better about the whole experience.10 or so days…that's CRAZY! I think an outing every day is totally doable. That's how I've been working it out, so far. Not that I leave the house every day, but I plan for one "big" energy spender everyday, even if it's just loading the dishwasher or working on the nursery! ;)Can't wait to see the babies!

  5. Girlfriend … at this rate of writing, I have a strong feeling you'll be bringing your laptop to the hospital and blog while your giving birth! (Not that I wouldn't mind it one bit … LOL!) Anyway, it totally sounds like you're beginning to nest, Mama-Bird. The big day will be here before you know it! Oh … and since I know you'd appreciate this: my Word Verification for my comment is "harhoota" which, to me sounds like it could be some slang term for afterbirth or something. 😛

  6. Trinity says:

    I know you're bored and increasingly miserable as the days pass, Kate, but I am just so super impressed at how far you've come, gestationally speaking. You're doing an awesome job! Thanks for the clue-in on the GBS test…another bit of indignity to look forward to! I think it's cool that you plan to invite your mom to your NST. 🙂 Hope the 'rents arrived safely!So excited for you! 🙂

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