Not Yet…

Nope, they aren’t here yet.

I had my last (*sniff*) ultrasound yesterday. The boys are looking beautiful, as always. They are starting to slow down ever-so-slightly with their growth, in that they are now just measuring a week ahead, instead of a week+. The ultrasound tech estimates that Baby A weighs 6 lbs 13 oz, and Baby B weighs 6 lbs 7 oz. She said that if her measurements are off, they are generally off within 1/2 lb either direction, but that she is mostly on target with her estimations. We’ll see… Baby A is now firmly, absolutely, decidedly head-up, with his head along the right side of my belly, feet crunched up on top of my cervix. Baby B (weirdo) has flipped himself so that he is also very much breech, but with his head at the center-top of my belly, butt on my lower left, with feet up by his head (in a semi-U shape). I think he tries to unfold himself every so often, because at times, it feels like he’s trying to climb out the top of my belly (sorry, kiddo, the exit’s the OTHER way…). He gets his head wedged up under my ribs, and just puuuuuushes.

Average twin gestation (based on as many sources as I could find, and on my doctor’s estimation, and my prior crappy doctor’s estimation, etc.) places their “due date” as June 6th (36.5 weeks being that average). June 6th has come and gone with nary a bit of progress. I really promise that I place little to no stock in the myth of a hard and fast due date. But all the same, I am very glad that I have been mentally set for a c-birth from the beginning of this pregnancy. Because left to their own devices, I suspect that these children would stay right where they are forEVER. Forever and ever and ever. And ever. There are no signs of impending labor. There is no progress with my cervix. Fluid levels are good. No real cramping. Nothing. And yes. This can absolutely change overnight, in the blink of an eye, etc., but at this point, all signs indicate that if we want to meet them any time soon, we will need to storm the castle, as it were.

I also had a non-stress test and a regular OB appointment as well. At the non-stress test, Baby A (as he has been doing for the prior two NSTs) was being completely twerpish. He’s sleepy, unmotivated, slow to respond, “diving” away from the monitor, but yet clearly okay. You can hear the accelerations, but each time his heart rate rises, he rolls away from the monitor so that it wouldn’t actually record the acceleration on the little paper thingy. If you haven’t had an NST before, the basic idea is that you monitor the babies, ideally tracking movements and associated rises in heart rate. You want to see a certain number and duration of times during which the heart rate rises. The heart rate (and contraction level) is recorded as a line on a piece of graph paper, which can then be reviewed by a doctor. So if the little line doesn’t show up on the paper, then the doctor can’t necessarily see that the baby is performing adequately. Luckily, the doctors at this office tend to believe the nurses who tell them that the babies seem to be doing okay, so I still haven’t had a ridiculously long appointment. But yesterday’s appointment resulted in a chafed belly from the nurse sliding and pressing the monitor all over the place, trying to chase Baby A. Meanwhile, Baby B was being a total showoff, performing *exactly* as he needed to. Sigh.

Anyhow, the OB appointment was fine. I’ll see him again next Monday, which will be my VERY LAST appointment EVER. And yes, I am totally cheering right now. He pronounced the babies perfect, and me perfect as well.

I have more to say, but my mom is on her way over here to pick me up to take me to the Farmer’s Market. More updating soon, including the story of how I apparently appeared to be a criminal of some sort to an elderly couple who live in the building where my parents are staying this summer…


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11 Responses to Not Yet…

  1. lmao- at the rate you're going, I'm gonna deliver before you!!That's so awesome that the babies are still hanging out and comfy!! And doing so well!! You totally rock!!

  2. Marie says:

    Dang I didn't know you were that close! I can't wait to meet them!

  3. jill says:

    Woo! I'm so happy that you (and the babies) are doing so well! That is just awesome, especially for a twin pregnancy.Have fun at the farmer's market – I love those 🙂

  4. PJ says:

    So I forget. Do you have a c-birth appointment set up???Looking at the calendar this morning totally freaked me out! Holy crap! Hyperventilating here…Yum, Farmer's Market!I got the stuff to make your Asparagus Lemon Goat Cheese pasta thing. 🙂 Right now we are working on leftovers from a pasta dish that I just thought up which you might like which consists of…Pasta (I used bowtie, but whatever)Chicken Sausage (Italian flavored)Sauteed zuchini, mushrooms, and onions + salt/pepperButter sauce (1/2 c butter, Tbp minced garlic, fresh thyme)Grated Pecarino RomanoJust mix. It's pretty good, and easy.

  5. Photogrl says:

    Yay for another great appointment and a peek at the babies! Why won't our babies cooperate with the NST's? I head back Thursday, and am praying that Baby A behaves.So, will they set a date at Monday's appointment then? I can't believe you're SO close!How could you, very pregnant with twins, be construed as a criminal? I can't wait to hear this one…

  6. Tara says:

    Yay! Glad to read all is well. Can't wait to read the tales of the farmer's market and more.

  7. says:

    I'm glad to hear that you and the babies are doing perfectly well!!

  8. strongblonde says:

    did i miss it or are you going to schedule a c-birth? when is it already? get these kids out! i wanna see pictures :)can't wait to hear the story of how you're a criminal. lol.

  9. strongblonde says:

    did i miss it or are you going to schedule a c-birth? when is it already? get these kids out! i wanna see pictures :)can't wait to hear the story of how you're a criminal. lol.

  10. sad for the last ultrasound peek at the babes, but exciting that the next time you see them it will be on the outside, no?I'm joining the ranks of hearing how someone might think you are a criminal. From the looks of the photos, it seems as though stealth is not one of your strong attributes right now…

  11. Ellen K. says:

    Fantastic, Kate! You have done so well for these little boys. You should be very proud of your body; really, you should.And I'm glad the boys have cooperated with your early, oft-stated wish for a cesarean delivery. ; )I had my last u/s 12 hrs before my water broke, and zero signs of impending labor at the time. I felt as though I were going to be pregnant forever!

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