No time for titles…

So, what happens when you have twins is that you write really great posts about things like thrush (SCREW YOU, THRUSH…), or coping with the difficulties of two-at-once, or various other things that occur to you in the early days of parenthood– only you write them in your head. Or if you do manage to type them out, you don’t get a chance to finish them, and you forget and spend three days wondering why no one is responding to your post (is nipple-yeast really that offensive?).

And then you look up and the post you started earlier has been sitting there for three hours while you rock and feed and soothe one screaming baby after another.

The walls start to close in after a while.

Which is why I’ve been trying desperately to get out of the house at least once a day, even if it’s just to drive through Starbucks. And it helps. I fully recognize that life is totally different with babies, but I just cannot stand feeling paralyzed by having infants at home. And I don’t think I need to either. I think it’s important to get out, especially right now, while they are relatively portable. Even though I’m guided by the at-most-three-hour increments between breast feed times (I’m not yet adept enough to BF twins in public…), I still try to get out anyway.

And so, here was our “big” outing for Independence Day:

A walk in the park, which they both slept through…

And, it’s feeding time again…

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15 Responses to No time for titles…

  1. VA Blondie says:

    Sounds like a wonderful holiday!It does help getting out of the house at least once a day. I know it saved my sanity, and I was just going over to my parent's house for lunch!

  2. PJ says:

    OMG I have been a complete and utter bitch to my mother in law! I went to Babies R Us yesterday and I felt soooo much better, (with a good cry on the trip there, and a stop at Taco Hell, and singing out loud in my car-blissfully alone in my car). Trying to regain my sense of SELF…So yea, outings are theraputic. And yea, posts in my head. I'm right there with you!

  3. Kait says:

    That looks like a really intense stroller. I cannot imagine doing the newborn thing x 2! Seriously! You are a superwoman! I'm glad you're getting out every day at least once. I'm the same way. But some days just the walk to the post office takes me out. I hope you can get rid of that thrush. Man is it brutal? Are you feeling it? It was SO PAINFUL for me. I hope you're not feeling it too bad.

  4. jenn says:

    You poor thing with the thrush! I hope it gets better soon- I have no assvice for it since I was mercifully spared most of the evil BF'ing horror stories. But yes- getting out once a day is pretty much imperative. I went for long walks in the evening with her. A reason to shower (or hell- wash your face & put on clean yoga pants!) is sometimes the sanity maker! It does get better. The first two months are like boot camp- as soon as this relative period is over you hit a stride & look back in wonder that you got through it. But you ~will~ get through it just fine! Some days you just go on autopilot and manage until the sleep comes, or the (insert various baby ailments and challenges or hubby/mil/mother/friend who tries to help but really just makes you feel worse instance here) passes. Which it all will! You are a rock star & you don't need to do anything more that take care of those beautiful boys & importantly- yourself!And that stroller is intense! They are some well protected babes- harness & a back up strap! 😉

  5. Tara says:

    Sounds like you're doing great! I wish I had had the smarts to get out of the house early on. Heck, even now most days we don't get out because it's too damn hot. You're already 2.5 weeks into parenting and doing wonderful it seems.

  6. Good for you! Getting out is VERY important! Those boys are SO adorable. Glad they enjoyed their walk through the park.*HUGS*

  7. Ellen K. says:

    I tried to get out once a day, too, after the girls were 1 month old (they were born in early Nov., at the beginning of flu season). It really helped when I felt as though I was a hamster on a wheel. I mostly went for very long walks around the neighborhood — this wouldn't have worked very well in summertime humidity.Sorry about the thrush. : (

  8. jill says:

    So cute 🙂 Hope the thrush goes away fast.Sorry I haven't been commenting – just wanted to let you know that I'm still reading along. Just, at a loss for what to say lately I guess.

  9. strongblonde says:

    🙂 it *is* important to get out! i really wish that we would have been able to get out more during the early days, but (alas) it was cold and flu season and I was a freak. now it's a little more difficult b/c the kiddos don't just fall asleep in their stroller anymore. i hope that they thrush clears up quickly!! it's hard enough breastfeeding two, you don't need anything else to complicate the matters!!! ;)xox

  10. Serah B. says:

    Lame about the thrush, dude! I hope you're able to eradicate that quickly!!!I had trouble nursing in public in the early days too, even with my singletons…when they're so tiny and floppy there's a lot of positioning and whatnot, and without just sitting around the house shirtless, it can be tricky. But I'm glad you're getting out–cling to every island of sanity available!

  11. Star says:

    Hang in there, it gets better once they are older, you are doing a great job!! I totally understand not having time to blog, and that does suck. I'm a homebody so I was never bothered by not going out, but I did try to take a walk every day and make sure that I was doing some reading/internet surfing/movie watching and the like when I could, just to get some adult thinking in. The thing to keep in mind during newborn days is that this is the worst of it and it will get better. I've never had thrush, so not sure about that, all I remember are the words gentian violet (sp?). Hope it clears up soon!

  12. Photogrl says:

    Boo on the thrush! I hope it clears up soon!Getting out is imperative to keeping your sanity…I'm impressed that you're managed to do it already. Way to go!Is that the double snap & go stroller?

  13. Erin says:

    It's incredibly important to get out each day, and you definitely shouldn't get stuck at home just because you have babies. I think a lot of moms get stuck thinking they can't go out with a newborn and it definitely will make you go stir-crazy! A sane mama = happier babies for sure :-)They are absolutely adorable!

  14. 佳皓佳皓 says:


  15. Samantha says:

    Hope that the thrush gets better!I've been catching up your sleeping posts, and will add my 2 cents. My son never slept in a bassinet until he was nearly four months old. The whole back sleeping thing didn't work for him at all, but what did work was to swaddle him up snugly and place him in his carseat. I think it helped him feel more secure in a small space, and gave a little curve to his spine. Was it safe? I never did find anything about car seat sleeping and SIDS. After four months, we transitioned him the bassinet, but that never worked out that well, and he ended up in our bed most nights. He didn't really sleep well in a crib until 8 months when we moved him to his own room. I think at that point we all were ready for more space and it worked out well.So anyway, do what works best for you, and if it's cosleeping, go with it, and try to be safe about it (we did it both in our bed and then when he moved to his room, we helped the transition by having a mattress on the floor there – plus the mattress on the floor became the night feeding crash pad, so I kept it there until he slept through the night). But you could also try the car seat for naps and such.

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