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Another Quick Video: Jack Plays

Jack PlaysOriginally uploaded by k8izgr8 Just a quick video here from today. They have both started noticing hanging toys recently, and particularly likes the toy bar on his bouncy seat. Henry has a case of the grumps today. Just … Continue reading

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I’ve had posts rolling around in my head for days, but lately, I’ve just been feeling pretty ‘meh’ about writing anything. The fall semester has begun, and H has gone back to work full-time, and I am tired. (Everyone say … Continue reading

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A Quick Video

Henry SplashesOriginally uploaded by k8izgr8 Henry has figured out how to splash! And I, apparently, have gone stupid in my overuse of the word ‘splash’…

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New Zoo Review: Month Two

My Dear Jack, My Dear Henry: Two months in, and we’re all still breathing. It’s a miracle, I think. I really wanted to start writing these sort of letters to the two of you much sooner, but someday, when you … Continue reading

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This and That

— I’ve been feeling increasingly pissy toward H lately and it is SO not-productive to feel this way. He shuts down the second he starts to feel criticized, which only serves to frustrate me further. I hate the “Pain Olympics” … Continue reading

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Well, now. That was an interesting few days… (Pausing here to thank you all for your support and commiseration on my last post. Nice to know I’m not alone. And someday, I will actually use the offered phone numbers. I’m … Continue reading

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So there was some good stuff and there was some bad stuff, but somehow, we find ourselves having survived to week 8, the age by which many people, from experts to my expert readers, agree that things should begin to … Continue reading

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