Just Some Photos

Sleepy Henry
H.enry, my sleepy boy.

Jack Is Happy!
Sweet Ja.ck

Henry Is Awake!
Henr.y caught me!

Jack Smiles
What a smile!

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5 Responses to Just Some Photos

  1. strongblonde says:

    omg. how stinking cute.

  2. awesome pics. they are very cute and you can tell they are brothers (unlike my girls!)ok, assivce ahead-and this assivce helped me so much that i've come out of hiding to leave the first comment in weeks. 1. I agree with you 100%-the books are so extreme CIO=serial killer. 2. Cate used to want to nurse 24/7-Pedi told me that she was using me as a pacy. Listen for them to swallow. If they're not-they need to find another nipple. (u may be doing that.)3. Spread out feedings-no snacking- by giving them a pacy and extending feeding more and more. 4. Fussy babies=babies that aren't getting enough sleep. 5. On advice of pedi (bfeeding mother of five) -we let her CIO. Not until at least 12 weeks. For THREE hellish weeks. (the worst was the first three-k had to do it.) BEST THING WE EVER DID. Cate is the master sleeper. She is 100% able to coax herself to sleep. Flipping rocks. 6. I'm full of shit at the moment-holy inable to let Primose CIO. I'm weak as hell and she knows. My GP and good friend keep telling me that that's why she's so fussy-and is literally about to fall behind in learning b/c she isn't sleeping during the day. -sleep is so important for them b.c that's when their brains store neurological connectrions. So, PRimrose is giong to be very dumb. J/K.

  3. OMG the typos=see what lack of sleep is doing to my brain. SAVE YOURSELF!!!!!! 😉

  4. loribeth says:

    Just catching up on the last two weeks' worth of posts. Thanks for all the pics. They are ADORABLE.

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