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Just Some Photos…

I’m expecting some fabulous NC bloggers at my house in a couple of hours, so I’ll just post some quick photos from our excursion to a pumpkin patch yesterday: Henry at the pumpkin patch. Love those big blue eyes! Jack … Continue reading

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We Interrupt This Silence…

Yeah. Whew. So where was I? No idea, I’m afraid. Pardon my blog/comment (and email, for those who’ve sent messages…) silence, but my mother was in town to soak up some delicious baby time, and as is usual, our days … Continue reading

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Four Months!

Dear Henry, Dear Jack, Today you are four months old! (Ed: Well, today, when this actually gets finished and published, you are four months and two days old…) What a month we have had!  The two of you are beginning … Continue reading

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Well, for those of you that follow me via Google Reader or other feed service, sorry about that.  Apparently, as I go through my archives and un-private various posts, they show up as newly published posts.  Sorry about that.  I’d … Continue reading

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Sleep, Poop and Cry

I had a bit of a rough weekend (see prior post… email for the password, if you want it– it’s the same as last time), so apologies for my lack of posting. If you don’t care to read the PWP … Continue reading

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Protected: Well, Now, That Was Fun

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Of Awe And The Mundane

So one year ago today, right about this time, I’d just been relieved of some 18 eggs and H had liberated a couple million swimmers, and our gametes were getting all cozy with one another in a petri dish across town, … Continue reading

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