Just A Few Words…

So, my laptop power cord has (once again) bit the dust.  This is tragic for my blog posting/reading, but not anywhere near as tragic as it could have been before my sweet new Kindle arrived on Tuesday.  I haven’t gotten a lot of time to play with it yet, but so far, I am enjoying it quite a bit.  Despite the fact that it’s lightweight enough to do so, I haven’t yet figured out using it one-handed, which is the only annoying thing I’ve found about it yet.

But this is not a post for a Kindle review (though maybe I’ll write one later…).  This is just a quick post to say a few things:

1. Due to the whole laptop-has-no-power garbage, pardon if my posting/commenting is light over the coming days.  I determined the other day that I do almost all of my blogging while the boys are nursing or sleeping on my lap, and that can’t happen in front of my desktop computer, sadly.  Sigh.  I’m ordering a new cord today, but with the weekend, it’s gonna be a while.  Grr.

2. I went to a dermatologist’s appointment yesterday for my annual skin check.  I was pronounced free from questionable moles, etc., but he pointed out that my c-birth scar is still looking pretty red, redder than he would expect at three months out.  And truthfully, it’s been hurting a bit lately, so I think I will take the dermatologist’s advice and call my OB.  Any advice from any of you that have had c-births?  How long did yours take to heal?  I’m thinking it probably doesn’t help matters that a certain someone (ahem, JACK, ahem) has crazy-accurate aim when kicking me in his sleep, and spends a good part of the night jabbing my lower abdomen…

3.  Speaking of Jack, HOLY MOLY.  So it begins…  He rolled over yesterday, fully, from back to front.  He gets quite angry when he finds himself on his stomach after a while, but he also gets equally pissed if you turn him back over on his back.  He just wants to practice his new trick.  I’m sure Henry isn’t far behind, but all I know is that this is the first in the series of physical milestones that set in motion many, many more to come.  Things are about to get busy around here!

4. Another HOLY MOLY… I’m not entirely sure, but I *think* both boys basically slept through the night.  They only woke twice last night, and I think it was at 12:30 and again at 5:45, which, like, technically counts as “sleeping through the night”, right?  H and I were both shocked when we got up for the day that they had only been up twice in the night, and we both clearly remember 12-ish and 5-ish, but we also both keep thinking that there was a 2-ish wake up, but we also both clearly know that there were only two wake-ups… so who knows?  I think we are mis-remembering the 2-ish wake-up from a previous night, but you all know how the sleepy brain is…  I don’t know.  All I really know is that I’m practically giddy with the abundance of sleep I got last night (went to bed at 9:30…).  It’s amazing what a difference the lack of interruption can make.

I’m just hacking this out on the quick while the boys are still sleeping in their car seats after we returned from Book Babies (so pardon the lack of editing…).  Henry slept through the first half of the class, and I got a little sample of what it’s like to be a singleton mom… SO much more fun to be able to do all the songs and movements with just one baby in my lap!  Ah, but I imagine there will be plenty more times in the future where I will find that two babies are way more fun than just one.

Oh, and lastly, does anyone know how to “follow” a WordPress blog using Blogger?  I have no idea and Circus Princess is wondering how to do so…

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8 Responses to Just A Few Words…

  1. Tara says:

    Congrats on the good night sleep and the roller! What fun times you are about to embark on. Nav came with us to Tiny Tales last Tuesday and it was so weird. One baby, what’s that?

  2. strongblonde says:

    yea for rollin. it gets so fun now. they start to *do* stuff!! 🙂 both of mine are toddling around and it is super fun to watch.

    just read your pwp post. no comments here. just wanted you to know i’m thinking about you 🙂

  3. luxzia says:

    Thinking of children gatherings… are there any Music Together classes in your area? I remember that being totally fun with my little boom when I was a nanny. Henry and Jack might be too little still, but by the time they can pick up things and sit up on their own, they’d probably have a blast considering both of their parents are musical.

    Even to my tone-deaf self, sitting in a room full of moms with toddlers and babies while singing silly songs and watching kids play with musical instruments was awesome. Not sure why but totally was. I think if you’re musically inclined it must be even better.

  4. Just a quick note about my c/s scar – I put Neosporin on mine, almost obsessively, and the redness went away after about 8-10 weeks, I’d say. Now, after 3 years, I just have the lovely “apron” of skin hanging over, a very faint scar, and a LOT of stretch marks left over… and sometimes it will itch or feel uncomfortable (a sign that I’m gaining weight!)

  5. VA Blondie says:

    To follow a wordpress blog in blogger, you have to add a subscription. I usually cut and paste the blog’s web address.

    I hope your computer feels better soon!

  6. jenn says:

    Yay for sleeping!!!! I also have the kindle- but I really just use it for my knitting patterns these days as you can e-mail yourself pdf’s & word docs (for a nominal charge of course!) It’s great for recipes too. The reading on one has yet to capture me- but I also haven’t bought any new books yet. After a year- yikes!
    Sorry about the scar- no advice, but I do remember my kidney scar seeming to take forever to really heal- less than 3 months- but it was much smaller.

  7. Christina says:

    My c-section scar is still kind of red and it’s been almost 11 months. I’m horrible with scars so I kind of expect mine to not look pretty, ever.

  8. Ellen K. says:

    My c-section scar is still a little tender after almost 2 years — but my incision had opened in the month after birth and had to be repacked, so it’s kind of puckered, and I have a very sexy, flabby “shelf.” Small wonder there is so much talk of plastic surgery on twin mom boards!

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