Saturday Night, The Baby Edition

Another quick post while the boys are actually sleeping somewhere besides ON me…

We had one of those unexpectedly busy days today.  It started at FIVE FORTY FIVE when a certain pair of sons decided that it was party time.  They weren’t especially fussy, except when they got impatient waiting for Mama and Papa to get up and play, but neither were they quiet and still.  So I was up, I fed them, and tried to at least lay down a few minutes longer, but by 7, neither boy was willing to wait a second longer, and so we were up for the day.

We ended up going to for breakfast.  The weather has been so nice that I thought we might take a walk again, but we first had to run a couple of errands.  We stopped at the library to drop off a book (yes, I read that stupid Twilight novella… it was… stupid, though I actually liked the main character a fair bit more than any of the original characters.  Shame she gets killed off…), and were going to stop at Target when H remembered that he needed dust masks before he started with his part of the yard work today.  And so, we headed to Home Depot.  And while we were at Home Depot, we found that they had a vanity on sale for, like, $49, a decent looking one, too, perfectly sized for our front bathroom.  So, we bought it, and left it there so we could come back and pick it up later when the stroller wasn’t in our car.

I should pause here and say that this poor bathroom was the very first project we wanted to complete in the new house.  The tub surround is just plaster with this funky old-timey particle-board-laminate stuff around the bottom.  It doesn’t even have a real shower– just a handle shower that we attached to a bar on the wall.  Anyhow, when we bought the house, we had a tile/plumbing guy come out to give us an estimate on tiling the shower and hard-plumbing the shower head, and he never called us back after coming to measure.  And we didn’t know who else to call.  So it sat, undone.  And the rest of the bathroom was patched together around it.  And H decided at some point this summer that he desperately wanted the wall paper in that bathroom down before his dad arrives to visit in January.  So, we agreed that we would fix the wallpaper before then.  And now, it appears we’ll be installing a new sink/vanity, too.  Of course, when we take out the old vanity, we will need to fix the (vinyl, self-adhesive) tiles under the vanity.  And we <i>really</i> need a new toilet in there, too.  And this is all work I would usually do myself, and so I’m wondering now exactly how much I’ll be able to do, and feeling a little crazy for thinking I can do ANY of it myself.  So, the plan is to try to hire a sitter for a couple of hours during the day next weekend.  I’ll do as much as I can, and what I can’t do, I’ll have to hire someone to finish.  Oh, and did I mention that my mom arrives for a visit on the 19th, and that this is the bathroom with the only shower-arrangement in the entire house?  Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Anyhow, after our little side trip to Home Depot, we stumbled around Target looking for long-sleeved onesies that weren’t 1)obnoxious, 2)basic, plain underwear style, or 3)stupidly expensive.  And we found, like, two in the whole store, and they were 12 month size, though I think after they’re washed, they’ll fit.  My boys are looooong.  While stumbling around Target, I found that Target is now carrying accessories for the Kindle.  And I got a little birthday money from the MIL, and was thinking that I wanted to get a cover with light for my Kindle, and so, I spent (gulp) $60 on that.  I priced covers and lights separately, and they were the same price, so I went ahead and got one of the fancy integrated light cover things.  It’s awesome, and perfect to use to read by while nursing the boys to sleep.

After Target, we went home to nurse the boys who were getting quite fussy.  We then went back to Home Depot to pick up the vanity with our now empty trunk (damn, our stroller takes up a lot of space…).  We then had to drive home at a snail’s pace because it didn’t fit all the way in our trunk, and so we drove, slowly, slowly, slowly, while Henry SCREEEEEEAMED like I haven’t heard out of him in a long time.  And so we went home and nursed again.  And then, I started shaking in hunger, as it was somehow after 2:00, and all we had done was run crazy errands all morning, so we packed everyone up again and went to get lunch.

And then, we went back home again, where I was finally able to do the task I’d been planning on doing for two weeks, which was to mow the yard.  And I finished the yard, came inside and helped H fold stuff, and showered, and then realized that we still had to shop for/prepare dinner, give the boys a bath, do the rest of the bedtime routine, and that we had maybe an hour and a half to do all of it.

So, we packed up the boys AGAIN, rushed out to the store, grabbed stuff (including the yummy pear cider I’m drinking right now), came home, slapped it together, scarfed it down, bathed the boys, etc., etc., etc. and somehow, it’s 10:00 and I’m sitting down for the first time today while not nursing or sitting in a car or sitting on a riding mower, etc.

I don’t mind having days like today.  I don’t mind occasional unexpected errands or whatnot, but today just feels like it started out to be a laid-back, easy-breezy day, and just spiraled out of control.

Yawn.  Wiped out!

So yeah.  That was my day.  Anyone ever done home improvement projects with infants around?  Anything I should know or take into consideration?  Am I insane to even think about doing this myself (installing a new vanity, possibly installing a new toilet, tile, taking down wallpaper and painting)?

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7 Responses to Saturday Night, The Baby Edition

  1. melissa says:

    i agree about the novella. I wish I wouldn’t have bothered to read it. Meh.

    Sounds like a busy day! I don’t have any advice as I make my DH do any & all home repairs, but WOOT WOOT for a great deal and a light for your kindle!

  2. strongblonde says:

    lugging around two babies always makes a few errands seem like a lot more 🙂

    we have not done any major projects yet, so no advice there… BUT when the kids were around 6 months or so B and i finally discovered that one could leave to do errands with one baby and one could stay home with one baby. that way it wasn’t overwhelming for the one at home. it would only work if the pair left immediately after nursing, that way there was no chance that the baby would want to eat while they were out. it was like a whole new world. we could do twice the amount of errands.

    but we still have days when we all go 🙂 today we all went grocery shopping together.

  3. JJ says:

    Love your new space 🙂 Do I email you for access to PWP posts?

    I have been looking for a light for my Nook! And you had an incredibly busy, but successful day, indeed!

  4. Tara says:

    Wow, you were super busy. My advise is to break everything down into small steps and prioritize. Having a sitter is a good idea but don’t try to tackle everything in one session. What do you need to get done before your mom comes? Before H’s dad?

    Also make sure you have everything you need before going any further. If you have to, buy extra parts so that you don’t need to run out midway through. It’s much easier to return something then to have to bundle everyone up to get it or to have to describe the thing-a-ma-jig over the telephone to a clueless DH. I’m the household doer and fixer so I’ve been there and done that.

    Of course, don’t get started on something you know you won’t be able to finish. And definitely don’t start if the boys are the least bit fussy. It’ll just make you crazy. Again, speaking from experience. Get everything ready when the boys are awake so when they nap you can get right to work. If you can, prep the vanity while they’re watching. Describe installing the faucet. Make them a part of the process. It sounds doable if you think of a longer timeline then just next weekend. Good Luck!

  5. Alexicographer says:

    We remodeled the entire front area of our house between months 2-8 of DS’s life. Just to be clear, when I say “we remodeled,” I mean, we hired a builder who came in and did most (but not all) of the work.

    I look back on that era a bit like I suspect Tom Hank’s character looks back at the time he was stranded on that island in … whatever that movie was. You know, it was a freaky sort of thing that no one would choose and thank goodness we survived.

    (Full disclosure: a non-trivial part of the nuisancey-ness of our experience was that (a) we had workpersons here constantly and (b) the only actually usable space in our home for much of this time was our bedroom and 2 bathrooms (the stuff was crammed into the other 2 b/rs, and the rest of the space was being renovated). Note that this means we had no kitchen, or, more accurately, we had a fridge and a microwave, both not infrequently covered with one or another sorts of dust. So some of my emotional scarring may come from that).

    Among other things, we did tile our entire kitchen floor (~200 sq. feet) ourselves. Honestly, it was pretty grueling, as in, I buttered a tile (or did DH butter a tile?), then DH handed me the baby (or did I hand him the baby?) and then whoever wasn’t holding the baby placed the tile. Butter, mutter, repeat. And a bunch of the stuff we planned to do ourselves (installing trim, anyone?) remains undone (or at least, unfinished … some of it was *started*) 3 years later.

    So I wouldn’t, in fact, recommend it, but if you’re determined to do it, well, just have as much stuff purchased and in place as possible beforehand. Though I’ve never started a plumbing project I was able to finish without at least 1 run to the hardware store. Oh, and so you know, DH and I were 5 hours start-to-finish replacing our busted hot water heater last time it went, including driving to Lowe’s to buy the new one, taking the old one to the dump, eating lunch, and taking (hot!) showers. So we’re reasonably competent, when not hindered by a tot.

    Oh … will you email the password, please?

  6. luxzia says:

    I laud your attempts at home improvement with two babies… although you’ll probably get done faster than me at my warehouse full of busy bitchy adults.

    good luck and don’t forget to take pictures!

  7. KK says:

    I am impressed that you are even considering tackling the bathroom project — but more power to you! I was just thinking this week about how the stairway to our basement really needs to be painted and trying to figure out how I would tackle that with an infant since it’s not a project where you can easily just drop everything if you need to attend to the baby (well, at least without risking ruining a lot of paint supplies). I look forward to reading up on any tips that you have for tackling big projects with kids in the house as you move forward!

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