We Interrupt This Silence…

Yeah. Whew. So where was I? No idea, I’m afraid.

Pardon my blog/comment (and email, for those who’ve sent messages…) silence, but my mother was in town to soak up some delicious baby time, and as is usual, our days ended up being nonstop circuses of baby clothes shopping, errand running, baby soothing, etc. While I love having my mother around, if for no reason other than the fact that the boys clearly enjoy the extra audience member for their antics, it does get to feel a little hectic after a while. We are definitely enjoying the downtime this afternoon, is all I’m really saying.

It’s been a drippy, snotty sort of week for all of us as a cold has moved through our family. Jack has been especially hard hit with a rattly, raspy cold, though a doctor’s visit yesterday told us that there’s no need for alarm and really nothing to be done for treatment. He’s definitely getting over it, but no one likes to hear those crackly sounds coming from their kid’s lungs.

In other news, Henry finally turned over this morning, several times with clear intent to do so. He’s accidentally turned from stomach to back a couple of times, looking really shocked when he did so, but today, he worked and worked and worked himself until he finally managed to turn over from his back to his stomach. And after doing so, he looked pretty disappointed that this did not automatically equal crawling, as he clearly was turning over with the intent to move himself to the other side of the play mat. Soon, my dear, soon, soon, soon.

Jack is babbling up a storm today for some reason. He woke up with something to say and has been chattering away non-stop since then. He’s usually pretty tame with his vocalizations, but today, it’s like someone opened a faucet, and we’re being met with a deluge of sounds. It’s fascinating, at least to me.

Solids continue to go well. Henry finally seems to get it, and is now readily and happily lunging for spoonfuls of pears. We’ve also tried peas (they rate an “OK”), sweet potatoes (just a tiny taste each, since I was just feeding them a dollop that I mashed with my fingers from my dinner the other night, and that just elicited delighted looks that they were getting something off my plate!), carrots (again, just an “OK”), avocado (Henry likes it, Jack not so much), rice cereal (“Meh Feh” rating) and sucking on a slice of honeycrisp apple (big, big thumbs up). The real winner, though, continues to be pears. Jack grabs for the spoon, trying to rush it into his mouth. I give him an empty spoon or two to play with (just to keep him occupied), but he tries to get those in his mouth, too. However, his aim isn’t so great, so more often than not, I’m trying to keep the empty spoons out of his eye sockets while also trying to get the lump of food in his mouth with my own spoon. Sigh.

Sleeping gets better, too. They (by “they”, though, I really mean “Henry”…) are finally settling into a sleep pattern, which of course means that things are about to suddenly change and get much harder again. But, for now, they go down pretty easily at night, wake at regular times, and go back to sleep quickly (and are finally letting us sleep past 6:00 a.m.). Of course, as I mentioned, as soon as I hit “publish” on this post, something will change… We’re working on the crib thing still. I don’t know yet whether it will work, but since they so easily fall asleep on the incredibly soft blanket on our bed, we’re thinking that it might work to use that same sort of fabric as a crib sheet. I don’t know. We’re just trying, trying, trying until we strike on something that works.

So. That’s my weekly summary. What about you? Ever feel like you need a vacation from your vacation (or vacationing relatives as the case may be)? Any exciting plans for Halloween?

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8 Responses to We Interrupt This Silence…

  1. kimbosue says:

    glad to hear everyone is doing well in their own little worlds. 🙂

    no big plans. think we’re going to a place called Dewberry.Farm with a pumpkin patch, corn maze, pony rides, etc then trick or treating at the relatives’ houses.

  2. luxzia says:

    Well, I finally get a vacation from houseguests, as Ryan just left after a two-week visit and another friend who was staying for five days just left. We still have the British guitarist dude who could easily pass for a member of Spinal Tap staying on our couch indefinitely, but those are just the hazards of communal living I guess.

    My Halloween plans are a party at the old house, a benefit for the Day of the Dead and then some shindig on a steamboat thing on the Bay (it looks ridiculous, this thing – a steamboat on San Francisco Bay is… well, it would be like having cable cars and the Painted Ladies in New Orleans).

    Yay for Henry sleeping and rolling over! Pears seem to always be a universal baby favorite for a first food – maybe because they are so mild yet sweet and mushy at the same time?

  3. Amy says:

    What the heck? How long have I been out of touch? They’re eating solids already?! How did I miss this? So nice to hear you’re all doing well. I thought of you this morning when I lost my shit on my husband for giving the babies an unauthorized bottle last night. Idiot men.

  4. Esperanza says:

    So glad you’re back Kate! Yay! I must admit, hearing about all the different foods you’ve introduced them to piques my interest a bit. I’m still too lazy to try solids any time soon though… Are you introducing one thing a week, or just going for it? God, there is so much to remember, that’s why I’m not every trying…

    I hope the sleep situation gets better. We did sleep training and it’s been AMAZING. You can check out my blog if you’re interested.

    Hope to hear from you again soon!

  5. Tracy says:

    I can’t believe how quickly they are growing. Love the pumpkin pictures in the sidebar. My kids always did great with the soft foods…not sure what happened there other than toddlerhood. Now they seem to live on chicken nuggets (ugh) and apple slices.

    Anyway…the sleep situation will get better. And then worse again. And then better. Then you’ll have a crappy phase. But the thing you can rely on is that it will never, ever, be as hard as it was in the very beginning. I remember PRAYING for three consecutive hours of sleep. Now my bar is at four hours, but most nights I get at least a solid seven. For an 8-9 hour per night girl, that is acceptable. Unfortunately, for my little boogers waking at 530 am is not unheard of. Especially at this age. It’s like you say, as soon as you hit “publish” it will change.

    And on that note, Evan is ready to come down for his milk. bye bye.

  6. Ellen K. says:

    Tracy is right — it is never as hard as it was in the beginning. Kids’ sleep is never linear, but you will start getting some respite.

    My parents are fantastic but still manage to drive me crazy when they are visiting — my dad is very much a type A personality, and my mom always, ALWAYS tries to push the girls’ bedtime back to, like, 10 pm. “Why don’t you just keep them up a little longer?”

  7. strongblonde says:

    sounds like things are moving along. you get to sleep past 6am?? we consider ourselves lucky when that happens. most of the time they get up by 6:30 at the absolute latest. wonder how i can get them to sleep a little later? 🙂

    vacationing with twins takes on a whole new meaning!!

  8. Photogrl says:

    I don’t know how you post as much as you do…I just can’t seem to find the time!

    Of course, I’m really going to try and work on that, as the twins are starting to give me a tiny bit of time back to myself.

    Nothing exciting here…just hanging out, feeding, and changing diapers! 😉

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