Time And How It Flies

Well, now. I swear it was just yesterday that I hit ‘publish’ on a post, yet here I see that the last real post I did was for the boys’ 5 month review, and that was close to two weeks ago. I’d like to say that things have been busy, but that’s not especially true. It’s partially that the boys have become a little wily, refusing to settle in when they nurse, and napping at weird times (meaning, really, that they’re napping for shorter periods, but still cumulatively as long– so four 30-45 minute naps or something like that. It’s maddening…). On the whole, I am loving this age. They are so expressive, and daily, they become more and more like little people. They do the craziest things, just trying so hard to experience this world around them, and I just find it fascinating, but MAN. It’s exhausting. I feel like every day when H comes home from work, I’m just dazed from trying to keep up with them all day– and they aren’t even really mobile yet! They squirm and twist, and want to be picked up, no, put me down, they want to rip my hair out, fling my glasses here and there, roll themselves hither and yon and then get mad when they end up hither or yon… it’s just exhausting, and not conducive to recording one’s life on a blog.

Sleep continues to be our bane, and I want to talk about it, but at the same time, I’m so sick of talking about it. There are no new solutions at this point, and things really aren’t that bad, so there’s just nothing to say about it. I get hopeful when they go longer stretches without waking, but then, a night or two later, they (well, HENRY…) lapse into this waking-every-hour nonsense. It’s just stupid to even go into it, I think. I don’t need a full night of uninterrupted sleep (though it would be divine…), but I would like to move toward– I don’t know. I just typed that, and I don’t know how to finish that sentence. I don’t know what I want to move toward. I think I just want longer stretches of sleep, and I want to not have to feed them every single time they (HENRY) wake up. FEH. There’s nothing new to say. Just– FEH.

In other news, it took a hundred years (why does everything take a hundred years now?), but we finally finished the walls in our main bathroom. They are a lovely shade of deep brown that coordinates beautifully with the floors and the new vanity. Unfortunately, this puts the rest of the bathroom into stark relief by comparison. The tub surround needs tile. Period. And I don’t have all the know-how or physical strength to do it all, nor do I now have the time. And along with that, I really need to replace the toilet in there (which I do have the know-how and physical strength to do, but alas, still not the time…). And since I’ll be doing the toilet, I should go ahead and take out the crumbling plaster around there at the same time and put in green board (or other water-resistant wall surface), at which point, I should just go ahead and put in the tile around the tub, because that section of wall abuts the tub. Sigh. It’s never going to get done, because we don’t have the money to pay someone to do it, and I don’t have the time to do it myself. For pete’s sake, it took almost two months just to get the wall paper down, and get the paint on the walls, and those are relatively simple projects. Sheesh.

Anyhow, once I get the time (AH, HAHAHAHAHA), I’ll post some photos. The paint looks awesome, even if it is in a bathroom that needs so much other stuff done, too. I also managed to finally get the cornice boards in the front room reupholstered and hung. And it looks great (except for one small, teensy place where the fabric puckers, which I notice but H does not, and it annoys the crap out of me, but I am too lazy to take the heavy-ass thing down again to fix it so it’ll probably stay that way forever so I should just get over it).

Geez. Judging from the tone of this post, I’d say I’m feeling pretty annoyed and bleh about things lately. I’m really not such a downer, I promise. I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed at how much there is to do lately. It’s the End-Of-The-Year spiral, everything winding down toward the holidays, a hundred things to do and no time to do any of them. It’ll pass, but basically, starting now, things get crazy for us, and don’t stop being crazy until mid-January, when H goes back to work (at which point, things are back to their old version of crazy, anyway). End of semester stuff for H (which means long work days for him which means long work days for me), then travel and holiday busy stuff, then H’s dad arrives and is here for two weeks, and then H is back at work– no rest for the wicked. Sigh.

So. Tell me something good. What good things are happening lately? My good thing is that I realized that it’s just two weeks from now that we get to go to Texas. Yes, the flight will be stressful, I’m sure, but hey! I get to go home! I get to hang out with my peeps and introduce the boys around, etc. I get to have TWO grandmothers around to help with the boys and a grandfather and miscellaneous other relatives to hold the boys and play with the boys, etc. I may actually get a nap or two! Yeehaw!

p.s. Here is a closing shot of my little monkey, Jack, who was so intent on chewing his toes that he nearly rolled out of my arms while sitting with me at the computer:

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8 Responses to Time And How It Flies

  1. melissa says:

    woot woot for Texas and hopefully you get to take SEVERAL naps 🙂

    good things-baby girl is moving and I just went through E’s baby stuff and realized that I have so much baby stuff that I really don’t need to buy anything 🙂

  2. Oh, that is such a fun yet exhausting age. I got tired just reading about it.

    Thanks so much for playing the Rent game with me. I chuckled at your response!

  3. Esperanza says:

    Your boys sound like so much fun! And very tiring. I hope the next 1.5 months is not as stressful as you expect it to be. I bet you can’t wait until Texas. Are you taking the boys there by yourself? If so, good luck! If anyone can do it, you can.

    I also wanted to thank you for the AWESOME words of encouragement you left on my blog. I can’t tell you how much they meant to me. I’m sure I’ll be posting tomorrow to say how it went, and I hope I rock it as much as you think I will.

    Thanks again!

  4. Sue says:

    I’m still amazed at how long it takes to get anything done when you have a kid (or two around). Just give up and enjoy the holidays – it will be wonderful to have so many people around to hold and entertain the boys! Hope your trip to Texas goes smoothly in every sense.

  5. Tara says:

    Five months was by far my favorite age! They’re learning so much and their personalities are emerging and it’s so fun to see who they are becoming. I found that until about 7m, I had little me time. Then all of a sudden I was able to get more done until about 10-11m when they were demanding again. Now at 13m, it’s hit or miss because they’ve gone down to only 1 nap and if that nap isn’t synced then I’m screwed.

    Can’t wait to read all about your trip.

  6. jill says:

    That picture is so heartwarming 🙂 You two cuddling in the monitor light… hehe

    I often find thinking of the good things is the only thing that gets me through the crappier times. Right now mine is my fast approaching trip to vegas and half marathon. I hope you have a wonderful vacation (and that the flights are without incident)!

  7. Ellen K. says:

    Ah, the ups and downs. Totally understandable. It is impossible for me to write a long post without feeling that I’m whining, which does prevent me from writing as often as I would like. : )

    Your boys are at my favorite baby age. I remember the girls being very expressive and cheerful between 5 and 7 months. And yes, they were forever playing with their feet.

  8. strongblonde says:

    i’m excited to see pictures. we redid part of our bathroom two years ago and as soon as we finished we realized that we should have just done the whole thing and retiled the tub surround and probably gotten a new tub. now we are thinking that we need to do it in the spring, but (alas) we only have one shower, so i’m not sure how that is going to work out since we have 4 people who will still need to bathe 🙂

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