Month Seven

Dear Henry, Dear Jack,

[Yeah, yeah. It’s the day before your eight month birthday and I’m just getting around to publishing your seven month update… someday, if you choose to, the two of you will have children and you will understand what this time is like. I’m just glad it’s getting published, period. Backdated to fall in sync with other posts…]

My, my. SEVEN months! For some reason, seven seems so much older than six! I still find myself thinking that you’re six months old, but no. You’re so clearly in your actions and behaviors much older than six months. Every single day, you do something new, and once I get over the shock of whatever new thing you’ve discovered, I am thrilled to see so much progress. You are both such delightful and delighted babies. I am really enjoying this phase (though to be honest, it’s exhausting, too!).

Seven Months Old!

In the last month, you have had so many firsts: your first airplane trip (well, that was right before you turned six months, but still), your first visit to Texas (home for Mama), your first Christmas, your first meeting with Uncle J and Aunt T, Great Uncle JD, and Cousin K and Great Aunt S, and your first meeting with your Opa and Oma G. You got to see Oma I. for the first time since you were ten days old, and you got to see Grandpa for the first time since you were four days old (and Grandma, too, but you saw her when you were four months old, so it hasn’t been all that long!)

Oma and The Boys
Oma I. and boys

Grandpa and Jack
Grandpa and Jack

Grandma and Great-Aunt S and Cousin K with the boys

Family At Reynolda Garden
Papa, Opa, Oma G. and boys

You’ve also grown so much– no more six month sizes for you! No more bouncy chairs, no more play-gym (you both look at us like we’re crazy when we lay you under it now), no more infant car seats! That last one has been a real doozie for us– you’re too tall for them and we’re still figuring out how to get both of you in and out of the house/car when we can’t put you in a seat with a handle and carry you here and there. No more popping you out of the car and into a rack on the stroller. No more throwing a blanket over your seat to keep you warm during the brief periods you’re outside. No more gently carrying a sleeping baby into the house in their seat to snooze a few more minutes while Mama checks her email! No more resting the car seats on a chair next to us at a restaurant– it’s high chairs, and real stroller seats, coats and booties, and play pens by the door. That one act (switching you to convertible car seats) has made me feel like you two are both just growing up so fast. I love it, but I find myself wistful for the “infant” days far more quickly than I anticipated I would.

Little Charmers

Things change so quickly, but for the record, this month saw both babies with teeth (Jack, you got your first and second this month, Henry, you got your second and third). Both of you are now completely enchanted with toys of any kind, but especially whatever toy your brother is holding. You both are sitting up very well, you both babble constantly, you eat like champs (haven’t met a food you didn’t like yet… except maybe avocado, but you’ll learn to love it someday, I’m sure!) and you’ve both finally decided to take naps someplace besides ON ME! That last one is HUGE, as it enables me to get a few things done around the house (and to blog a bit, too…), plus, I think you sleep better at night when you manage to get good naps during the day. We’re still struggling with nighttime sleep (and someday, if the two of you become parents, and you have troubled sleepers, you, too, will know the special thrill of total strangers asking you whether or not your babies sleep through the night yet, and wanting to punch them in the face for bringing it up…), but we’ll get there. We’re just bumbling through, but we’ll figure things out someday! Mostly, though, you’re both clearly so very happy that it’s hard to find too much fault in the way we’re raising you (if you ever become parents, you’ll know that in spite of how clear it is that things are going okay, you’ll still probably second-guess yourselves constantly anyway…). Mostly, though, I love that this month, you’ve continued to develop a relationship with one another. I hope you will continue to grow closer as the years go on.

My sweet Hennaboo,
I love this little person you’re becoming! You’re so LOUD, and I like loud people! You don’t talk so much as shout, squeal, scream! You don’t care much for precision, you just need to get it all out. My Lump-lump– you weighed in at 18.5 lbs this month and 31 inches long! You are soooo big. You still love your hands, but have recently discovered my toes, and now, you cannot be deterred in your pursuit of my feet. I have to hide my toes when I sit next to you, otherwise, you’ll lunge for them to try to chew on them. You don’t yet know how gross that is, so for now, just trust Mama that you don’t need to put those in your mouth!


Along with all the talking and lunging and whatnot, you’re also becoming an amazing sitter! (Er, except yesterday when you fell back and hit your head TWICE. You just had an hour or two there where you forgot how to balance yourself, I guess!) You sit so perfectly and reach for toys and play with just about any toy. You’ve recently discovered the hitting-your-palm-on-the-table motion, and you now use it to smack toys into one another, the louder the better. You’ve also begun lifting toys up over your head to look at them. I have no idea what that’s about, but it’s cute none the less:

Henry's New Thing

For Christmas this year, you and Jack got a ton of musical toys. So many people laughed and commented about how noisy our house was going to be, but I love it, mostly because you guys love it so much. Jack punches all the buttons, figures things out and then moves on, but you, Henry, you will patiently wait for a song to end, play another, and another, and another, rocking yourself back and forth to the beat. You just love new sounds, and you love when I sing to you (which I do all day. I sing practically everything to you guys- “Diiiiiaper change, it’s time for a diiiiiiiiaper change!”, “Peas and rice, very nice! Rice and Peas, thanks and please!” I’m sorry in advance for once you figure out what a wackadoo this makes me…). You’re just such a happy kid for the most part, patient, and easily pleased.

Henry's New Hat (And Blanket)

Henry, Jack and Papa on Christmas Morning

Of course, when there are times when you are upset, you surely let us know (with the most heartbroken face I’ve ever seen…) You’ve also recently decided that it’s not Papa Time anymore. No more of Papa rocking you to sleep at night, no more of Papa comforting you when you’re upset– it’s Mama or no one else. When you’re happy and awake, you still love playing with Papa, but otherwise, you need Mama. And I love that, don’t get me wrong, but I kinda miss how close you and Papa were for a while there. I’m glad that it’s giving us the opportunity to get closer, but I also hope that soon you’ll start to allow both of us to be your comfort again.

It’s been a wonderful month to be your mother, and I’m already enjoying all the new things this next month has for you!


Whoa. Again, you never cease to amaze me with how much you MOVE. You. never. sit. still. You even move a lot in your sleep. You just need to get around and see this world you live in. You don’t crawl quite yet, but you will any day now. You still manage to scoot yourself here or there if you see something out of your reach. But with the way you can bend and flex, not much is out of your reach! I see your movements now, and I can remember what you were like when you were inside me, and it’s bizarre how familiar it is, how it seems like your movements outside of me feel like what they felt like inside, and look like what I imagine they would have looked like. You weighed a little less than your brother– 17 lbs-, but you were also a little longer, at 31.75 inches. With how much you move, it does not surprise me at all that you’re a skinny little guy.

Jack In The Box

You’re still teething up a storm, and I feel like any day now, your next two teeth will come in. You are starting to babble more regularly, and on occasion, you lisp a little, and I wonder if that will change when you get teeth! But teeth or no, you’re still my adventurous eater. We’ve started having more regular meals since we returned from vacation, and there’s just not much you won’t eat! I love that about you, and I have my fingers crossed that it never changes. I hope very much that you and your brother are both the kind of foodies that I was as a youngster (sprouts and artichokes were my two favorite foods).

Jack And Henry Eat!

It feels like I need to just reiterate how you never sit still! Taking pictures of you is hard, because you seriously never keep your attention in one spot for long enough. (You must be the reason why people use a flash so often while taking baby pictures…). But in that movement is a certain intuitiveness. You mold your body to mine when I hold you, and you know just how to grip a toy to keep your brother from taking it (though most of the time, you’re happy to just hand it to him and find something new to play with). You grow bored quickly with most toys once you’ve figured them out, but sometimes the simplest toys will hold your attention for long spans of time, usually ones that you can chew on! (Oh, my poor teething baby. Your teeth are really taking their time.)

Mr. NeverStill

But your favorite “toy” is still Mama. You continue to be a Mama’s boy, and while that’s okay with me, I think it is starting to hurt your Papa’s feelings a bit. I sometimes think that it has to do with the way you move and how you expect to be held a certain way, and Papa just holds you differently. I wish (for your sake and his… and for my own sake, since I like to, you know, bathe without coming back to screams…) that you would be able to let your Papa comfort you. I know that soon you will allow it, but for now, you’re still all Mama, all the time.

Jack On Christmas Morning

I just love being your mother so much. Even the hard stuff is nothing compared to how much fun it is to watch you grow!

And now, my boys, I’m going to close with a few pictures of the two of you from the last month:

Breakfast Time!
Breakfast in pajamas

Henny and Jack-jack's Christmas Outfits
Christmas outfits (you all were the hit of the party, Henry as Santa and Jack as the jolly elf. TOO CUTE.)

Checking It Out
Inspector Henry is at it again.

Jack Sweetie
Jack on the move, as usual

Seven Months!
Seven months!!

With All The Love My Heart Can Hold,

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3 Responses to Month Seven

  1. Tara (TIMO) says:

    What a beautiful post, Kate! I can’t believe how big/tall they are getting. This was my favorite age/time with my boys. Enjoy it. They are adorable.

  2. Christina says:

    They are seriously the cutest little boys ever! I can totally relate to the car seat thing. I about cried when Annika outgrew her infant car seat at like 6 months old and I couldn’t just carry her in the car seat up the stairs anymore. It’s really hard to adjust to!

  3. PJ says:

    What a great post!

    I can’t believe how well they are sitting!!!

    So, are you guys doing breakfast, lunch, and dinner with solids?

    Our girls have a bunch of electronic toys, a Leap Frog “laptop”, a crawl ball, a drum, and this thingie that you push and it spins. Oh, and this damn dog that has no OFF button, and is kind of creepy because sometimes he randomly says, “I see you!”

    Our girls are fascinated with THEIR feet! They are up in the air all of the time. They are crazy flexible! Plus, they like to rub their feet on us. Like, a LOT!

    EIGHT months!!! Ohmygosh!

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