Day One

Day one, and I got some great pictures today. Sadly, my EMTHER-EFKING INTERNET SERVICE is too slow right now to load photos. It was too slow when I tried yesterday, too. I thought it might just be flickr, but no. My crappy Clearwire 4G service, is creeping, crawling SLOW.

So, until I can find out what’s up with that, here are my remarks on Thrush, the Fourth.


And here are my comments on my first post-partum period:
More whimper than bang. Came on the day they turned 7 months. About one month prior, we were traveling, and there was a notable decrease in the frequency of nursing, since prior, they had still been nursing every couple of hours. So, since we went down to nursing every 3-4 hours, my body was like, “Oh, YAY! She’s ready for more kids! Let’s go ahead and ovulate!” Too bad I had my tubes tied, body. HahHA! If every post-partum period is like that one, then I think I’m okay with it. And until I quit nursing, I hope they stay that way (3 days of very light bleeding, minimal cramping, etc.). Actually, they should just stay like that forever.

And now, I’m off to chase down the customer service folks at Clearwire and spend my afternoon rebooting modems/routers/computers until they finally relent and admit that every time the weather is crappy, so is their service. Sigh.

Here’s hoping for a better Day Two of my monthly photo project…

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3 Responses to Day One

  1. Oh sweetie. Thrush is a mess. I had it forever. Here’s how I got rid of it: (you may already know all this)

    -antibiotics-of course. (three rounds i’m sorry to say)

    -probiotics and garlic. 2x a day.

    -probiotic powder for baby

    -everything that touched (.)(.) (well, except for babies : ) sterilized. Clothes washed (yea more laundry!) in super hot water and nursing stuff (if you pump) sterylized in dishwaser. I even bought those cheap office small trash bags and would but pump stuff in the trash bags-and throw the bag away after one use.

    -what’s that purple stuff? i forget but I lived for it. I would put it on an nurse (so that it would kill any bacteria in their mouth : ( ) Alcohol gets out the purple stains.

    I think what finally got rid of it for me-was sterlizing everything. Oh, I would keep all my laundry-even towels-seperate from everything and washed every after every use.

    It sucks!!! I am soooooooo sorry.

  2. By the way-This is Christina ApronStrings-I meant to post under that username. That’s my family blog. : )

  3. strongblonde says:

    so sorry to hear about the internet. 😦 that would drive me to a frenzy! i hate when stuff doesn’t work how it’s supposed to. and period? so glad that it’s better. maybe it will be for life? 🙂 i still haven’t had one yet. in fact, it’s been 2 years. seems really strange….

    so glad i can see some pics on fb 🙂

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