Day Four

Forgive me, but day one of solo parenting has me absolutely beat, so I’m presenting today’s photos with minimal commentary. Tired, tired, tired. But hey, at least I got some photos taken, right?

Mr. Four Teeth
Henry, aka Mr. Four Teef

Jack, in his Peek A Boo shirt.

Henry, peeping out from behind the toy bin.

Jack's Hand
Jack’s hand, the only thing I could capture holding still enough to be photographed…

Henry just found his tongue, so we spend a lot of time with it sticking out like this.

I put a bit of apple juice in their water earlier today, and they both went NUTS over it. Jack is showing us his love of the water-juice here. I see this and I can’t help but think, “chug! chug! chug! chug!”

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7 Responses to Day Four

  1. melissa says:

    love the juice picture!! 🙂

  2. Esperanza says:

    Oh Kate, these boys just get cuter and cuter. When did you start with the cup? I just got Isa one (ordered it because I’m too lazy to go to Target or Babies R Us) and I’m excited for her to try it. Did they take to it right away? You little men are very advanced in their eating – Isa always seems to be a few steps behind them.

  3. Tracy says:

    Adorable pics! 🙂 I am on day 11 of single parenting, and last night I drove the kids to my parents’ house and dropped them off. The good news is that it does get easier. You get used to it. Of course, I hope you don’t have to do it very often.

  4. PJ says:

    OHMYGOSSSHHK! Look at those teeth!

  5. Ellen K. says:

    Ivy puts her tongue between her lips when she’s very happy, too. I just love it. Good going with the cup!

  6. Dude. I am trying to climb out from the backlog of posts I want to comment on. Those I love most have the most posts marked unread – you have 11 or so. Yeesh.

    Your boys are gorgeous, and I love seeing them. You really inspire me to take more photos and try to get more creative with them. C is in a very active phase (I suppose it will never end now that he is walking…) and most photos I have of him lately are of him charging the camera with his hands outstretched, chanting “ram-ra,” overwhelmed with the urge to push buttons. I need to get stealthier.

    Just letting you know that I am reading and listening and thinking of you often. Hope springs eternal that I will be commenting more…but in the meantime, I send my love and wishes for the solo parenting days to be few and easy.

  7. strongblonde says:

    yea! love the last pic of the juice. soooo cute! and we have that same bib! i swear. 🙂

    isn’t it amazing how much older they look when they have a bunch of teeth???

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