Day Five, Six and Eight

I realized last night after I finally got the boys down to sleep that I hadn’t done any photos of them yesterday. Grr! I almost went in and turned a low lamp on to do some long exposures while they slept, but I thought better of it. Yesterday was a long day. I spent an hour and a half on the phone with Clear tech support, and another 45 minutes doing various system reconfigurations, which made not one lick of difference. However, this evening, miraculously, I was able to upload photos again. I’m sure it will go down again shortly, as I’m pretty sure at this point that they’ve set some ridiculously low transfer amount and are capping me for using too much upload bandwidth (which is stoooooopid, as I’m not actually uploading all that much, so if they are capping me, it’s got a seriously low threshold).

ANYHOW. I didn’t feel like risking waking the boys in order to get a photo of them, so it looks like as of Feb 7th, my picture-a-day-for-a-month goal has failed. Oh, well. I continue on anyway, as I’m really doing this in order to watch them change over the course of a month, and to share photos more often and to get better at shooting the boys as my subject. I’ve never been a great people picture-taker, so I’m really trying hard to get better, at least for the sake of capturing their young lives.


Day Five:

Henry loves books:
Henry and The Book
There’s that tongue again!


Book On My Head!
Now, even the books have to be held above his head. What a silly kid.


Jack is hard to photograph because he never sits still, and he’s fascinated with the camera (ooh, the damage he could do to my camera…). So I have to sneak-attack to get pictures of him. Love his cheeks here.

Looking for trouble…

Jack Climbs The Shelf
Found it! Something to climb!!

Day Six:

Play Ball!
Playing with a ball together.


Henry's Favorite
In a pile of toys, his favorite place to be.

Drumming on a toy basket. Love the curls here.


This has become one of Jack’s favorite toys. I have no idea why. He’s usually very bored by toys that don’t do much, and for a seven-month-old, a frisbee definitely doesn’t do much!

Just Standing Around
He’s finally started fully standing at that shelf, even letting go for a few seconds at a time (though usually falling down after a few seconds, if he doesn’t grab hold again quickly enough). Sigh.

Day Eight:


Chasing A Sunbeam
Jack crawled into the laundry room this morning looking for something, and got distracted by this patch of sunlight.

Jack, The Blur
He. never. sits. still. This is the sharpest shot I got today, and he’s still a blur. (This is shortly before he tried to dive headfirst off of the couch. I did manage to catch him, though.)


We get great light in our front room, so I tried to get some photos in there today. This was their nursery, and hopefully will be their room again some day, but for now, it’s also serving as a guest room (thus the full-size bed).

I don’t know if there’s much cuter than a baby yawn. Yaaaaawn. So sweet!

And so, that catches us up, once again. Here’s hoping that this is the last catch-up I have to do and that we can get back in to some sort of routine again soon, now that there’s no travel or guests on the horizon for at least a month (and that my internet connection starts cooperating. Ugh.). Whew.

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4 Responses to Day Five, Six and Eight

  1. Esperanza says:

    So many great shots. You’re really a stellar photographer! You’re boys are very lucky to have all of these! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ellen K. says:

    Those are great pictures. I like the sunlight patch especially. OK, Kate, I have to say it again: I freaking LOVE your twins. They *almost* make me want to have another set of twins (obviously W.ellbutrin has kicked in for the morning). Henry = I. (cheeks, awesome tongue smiles). Jack = N. (expressive brow, would rather grab the camera than sit still). They’re really happy, healthy-looking boys. Keep up the good work!

  3. lz says:

    Suuuper cute! I can’t wait to meet them!

  4. Tara (TIMO) says:

    Adorable! The Henry with the tongue and Jack looking for trouble ones are my favorites. I can’t believe they’re standing and crawling already. We have similar toy baskets and they are favorites still. Is that a book in German? I’d love a post on raising multilingual kids. *hint hint* Only because we are trying to as well. I guess I should do a post on that myself.

    Such sweethearts you have!

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