Month Eight

(Backdated to publish on your eight month birthday!)

Dear Jack, Dear Henry,

Well, well. Eight months old! Happy 2/3rds to you both! What a month this has been. As usual, the two of you are growing by leaps and bounds. Just when I think I’ve got a handle on something, you grow and change and POOF! Gotta figure out something new!

We Are Eight Months Old!

Like these photos, for instance. You two no longer sit still, at all. Trying to get a photo of the two of you seated and looking at the camera is nigh on impossible. Oh, well. You keep me on my toes, I guess.

This month has been one of some pretty big developmental milestones. Henry, you now have all four of your front teeth (two top and two bottom), and Jack, you are now an official crawler and pretty much a cruiser, too. Jack, your teeth aren’t far behind, and Henry, just in the last couple of days, you’ve finally started to push yourself up on your hands and knees, so you’ll be crawling any day, I just know it. You both have started to pick up food with your first finger and thumb (sometimes), and you both drink very well from your sippy cup. You eat all kinds of fruits and veggies and grains, and you both LOVE puffs.

Taking care of you has become a full-attention task. Before, you would lay there like lumps, demanding entertainment from me, which was exhausting in it’s own way, but now, I really can’t just set you down and leave the room for a few seconds, because you will get in to something. Of course, this also means that you’re much better at entertaining yourselves while I sit in the room with you, which is it’s own little excitement, watching you learn what you like and what you don’t.

This also means, though, that these letters get more and more delayed as I try to find time to do justice to describing all of the exciting things you do. In an effort to keep these from becoming seriously delayed (which is a problem only because you change so rapidly that I find myself struggling to remember what you were like even just a week ago!), forgive me while I slip into list format.

Henry, my sweet boy,
You love playing peek-a-boo, and you do this by pulling a blanket or towel over your face and then dramatically jerking it downward and grinning widely at us. Sometimes you forget to do the “cover the face” part, and just whip a cloth across your chin and wait for us to say, “PEEK-A-BOO!”

You are such an easy kid sometimes. You love toys, and can play contentedly for long amounts of time, as long as I’m somewhere not too far away.

You have almost mastered the “pincher” grasp, and use it to pick up and feed yourself cheerios (one of your current favorites) or just about anything else. You really do have great manual dexterity, though to be honest, you lag behind your brother just a bit with the gross motor skills, so no crawling yet, but you play with a hammer and nail toy, picking up the hammer and hitting the nails squarely on the head (with the right end of the hammer!). You have more teeth than he does, too, and one of your favorite things is to look up at us and give us a full-toothed grin. It’s incredibly cute.

Suddenly, you are my great eater, too. You will eat just about anything and will eat it with great enthusiasm. For a while, it seemed like you were going to be picky about textures, but you seem to have gotten past that, and now eat tons and tons of different foods with different textures.

You still are, for the most part, a really happy kid. You’re just pretty content with the world, which makes it easy to love you! You don’t fuss much, unless you really want something that you cannot have, and you generally tend to work most things out for yourself.

I love you so much, my Henna-Benna-Boo. You are such a delight to mother!

Oh, my little Mini-Me. In all the was that your brother is content, you are… not. You need to move constantly, which makes it a good thing that you are quite able to move. You crawl like a pro, you pull up on things, you walk yourself here or there by cruising along the furniture, and I just know that you’re going to stand alone any day now.

You continue to challenge me with your exploration skills. Just when I think something is high enough or far enough out of your grasp– BANG! On the floor! Water glasses turned over! Paper shredded and stuffed in your mouth! Blocks scattered everywhere! You just seem to need to touch everything.

You’re still my baby, though. You cuddle up next to me, molding your body to mine, leaning your head into my shoulder. I love it. Just like you need to move and need to touch everything, you need to come back to Mama often.

You are suddenly not so interested in eating almost anything. You fill up quickly and are looking for something else to do, and you have definite likes and dislikes in the types of foods you eat (though you will eat things that you aren’t so fond of– you just eat smaller bites and quit eating sooner!).

My Jack-Jack Baby, I love that I get to be your mother. I love that I get to watch you grow up. It’s so wonderful to watch you become such an independent person!

My lovely boys, lest this letter get any later with it’s publication, I’m afraid I’ll have to close up here. This month, I took so many pictures of you, and I think they show very well how you’ve grown over the last month, so I’ll conclude with some photos of the two of you:

Learning to share…

Sweet Henry
Happy Henry

Sweet Jack

Book On My Head!
Typical Henny

Jack Climbs The Shelf
Typical Jack

Hiya, Brother!

Papa And Babies
Papa and Boys

Inside Joke
Funny stuff!

Shredding paper is the BEST!

Love And Love And More And More,

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2 Responses to Month Eight

  1. PJ says:

    I LOVE that one with them both laughing! Although they are sort of doing that with the newspaper picture also. Addison and Lauren have started doing that also, and it is such a hoot to watch. I could seriously sit and just watch them play all day.
    Your pictures are absolutely fantastic!

    Crawling and knocking stuff over, YIKES!

    What a fun age this is. 🙂 LOVE your letter updates.

  2. Tara (TIMO) says:

    Still lovin’ that celery photo! And all of the nicknames you have for J&H.

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