Seriously, it’s like someone somewhere heard my list of items I’d like to get at a substantial discount and then dropped them off at the consignment sale for me. I was looking for a sit-to-stand-to-ride-on toy, something that they can walk behind when they’re ready, and I found a brand new Vt.ech Alphabet Train (um, one of these) that retails for $50, and paid $12 for it– Jack is already ALL over it. I also got a Playsko.ol Busy Ball P.opper (this one) for $6– Jack is, again, already enamored with it. And I got some miscellaneous small toys (a Little toy vacuum– so they can pretend to be Papa, ‘cos god knows MAMA doesn’t vacuum!– and a small dump truck), but I also got a Little Ti.kes mini fort/slide thing (er, this one) for, like, $40. Those Little things never wear out, I swear, so I have no doubt that when we’re done with it, I can sell it for about the same price. H is probably going to worry about how big the thing is, but it can take up the space that the exersau.cer currently takes up when we’re done with it. Or it can go outside. But honestly, Jack is a climber, and he really needs something he can safely climb. This is very low to the ground, so even if (okay, WHEN) he falls off, he’s not falling far.

And, my most favorite “score!” item, a relatively lightly used double umbrella stroller. The price on that one wasn’t such a steal ($60), but considering that I’ve been stalking local craigslist and mama sales looking for one for six months or so, and have NEVER found one used, I pounced on it, because I just cannot see paying $90 or more for an umbrella-style stroller. And since we do not drive a mini-van, we really need more space in our trunk. We love our current stroller and will definitely continue to use it when we go on walks and whatnot, but for now, this new umbrella one can take up residence in our trunk so we won’t have to worry about whether things will fit in the car or not when we buy stuff.

I’m going back this evening with H to browse clothes (I found a couple of items, but with most stuff, I want his opinion, too, especially since he does a lot of the dressing of the boys…) and to pick up the fort thingy. And I think we may head back again on Sunday for half-price day. I’m not always the most patient bargain hunter, so when things like this sale fall into my lap, I really try to take advantage. People don’t often talk about how expensive twins are, but in truth, they are really, really expensive, like far more expensive than two subsequent children, mostly because the hand-me-down factor doesn’t ever really come into play, and two at once of everything is pricey. So, it’s really nice when I walk into a sale and find a double stroller, and know that it won’t break the bank to add it to our stash of items. Of course, it’s also nice to know that I dropped off a bunch of stuff, too, and that when I looked, a lot of it had already sold (at least two of our “big ticket” items– one car seat and the other double stroller that we hated– were already gone when I got there at 1:00 today). Hey, maybe we’ll even manage to break even on this sale!

Anyhow, for those with slightly older children (or those who get to spend time with slightly older children, as most of my friends have significantly older and/or very close to the same age children), what kinds of things did you find useful for the, say, 9 months to maybe 18 months age? There’s a lot of growth that happens there, and I can predict some of what they will find entertaining or useful, but I’d love to have perspective on what items I might consider seeking out at the next consignment sale. OH, and what do they sleep in when it gets too hot for the zippered-footie sleeper things? Two piece pajamas? Tee shirts? I have no idea. And any other random advice you’d like to share, I’m all ears… I asked facebook, but I’ll ask here, too: Am I supposed to be planning a big themed shindig for their first birthday? Someone mentioned it the other day, and I thought, “But I’m not ready for that yet!”, but her child is a week or two older than mine, so, am I supposed to be thinking about this already? I’m thinking food and booze for whatever grown-ups want to show up (it’s in Texas, so that’ll definitely change the crowd, since not many of my TX friends have children). Yeah. Advise away, people.

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7 Responses to Score!

  1. melissa says:

    Awesome finds!!

    We didn’t do anything big for E’s first birthday. I made cupcakes, bought party hats and blew up balloons. She threw her cupcake on the floor and didn’t like it 🙂 She did like open gifts but that was probably for the shiny paper 🙂

  2. Esperanza says:

    Those sound like some AWESOME DEALS! Nice job! There is one consignment shop I’ve heard of that is good but it’s far and the parking it hellacious. Maybe someday I’ll make it over there…

  3. kimbosue says:

    I’m in Texas and I have a child. Can Miles and I be invited to the food/booze 1 year old party? 🙂

  4. Tara (TIMO) says:

    Good job! Impressive buys. At 16m, my boys love things that stack and sort. Blocks, the shape sorter, buckets/bins. Anything they can put stuff in and carry around. The dollar store plastic buckets are still favorites. Anything that has a cause-and-effect they love playing with. Push the button and it plays music or something pops out. They each have a ride-on car they love. They like to store stuff in the trunk area. Then there’s the climbing. On anything and everything, so you did good with the fort/slide. We’re looking for something similar ourselves. My boys happen to love books so we spend the majority of our day reading to them and them to each other. They are starting to do chunky puzzles and coloring (washable crayons seem to work better than the washable markers). They’re also big stuffed animal lovers. Carrying around a stuffie in a bucket is common.

    They wear footie pjs all year round but our HVAC is strange. On really really hot days last summer they may have slept in just a onesie but that was rare. They don’t use blankets but do have stuffed friends in their cribs with them. Alex couldn’t sleep without his buddies.

    If you remember or read back in my archives for Oct/Nov, you’ll see what we did for their first birthday. I had big plans but we ended up just having friends and family at a sports bar. Alex and Benjamin had no clue what the fuss was about. They didn’t care about the cake or presents. Nav wants to take them to DisneyWorld for their second birthday but I think they’re still a bit young to fully enjoy it.

  5. Ellen K. says:

    Yep. Really, REALLY expensive.

    I & N slept in the lightweight cotton Carter’s footed sleepers last spring, and in the summer they wore the 3-piece Carter’s pajamas with sleeveless tops that look like muscle shirts. The PJs had the option of long pants or shorts. Our 1.5-story old brick house gets pretty warm upstairs in STL summers. My girls never seem comfortable in the tight-fitting pajamas.

    We just had family over for the first birthday party. No little kids other than cousins, no theme, etc. It was pretty basic. I tried to schedule it for 11:30, but I. decided to celebrate her first birthday by dropping the morning nap, and I flipped out and made my FIL push the girls around in the stroller so they would get a nap before we started the party. And thus PPD went into full gear!

    9m to 18m is kind of tricky. I remember that at their 1st bday, the girls received a Radio Flyer wagon, and they really started resisting the stroller at that point. I had just purchased a stylish red Maclaren umbrella stroller, and maybe I’ve used it… 30 times since Oct 09? It just sits in the car trunk. So WAY TO GO with the good deal on a stroller. A wagon is a very good thing for 1yo twins. So are slides like the one you bought, push toys like the corn popper, and pull toys. N’s physical therapist specifically recommended riding toys that are low, such that the child’s feet are flat on the ground. We bought a Little Tikes outdoor playhouse (the garden one, which doesn’t have walls — less stifling, maximum visibility), and the girls have enjoyed that very much.

  6. Jen says:

    My boys are 16 months. They love toys that make noise, and love throwing all the little pieces of anything out of their contained play area. Megablocks, Little People, you name it. They got this Leap Frog toy called Potsy which is basically a soup pot and some veggies which sings songs about nutrients and stuff. It is the only toy they fight over they both covet it so much. They also have ride on toys they really like. And always go back to the sorting blocks they got for Christmas when they were 6 weeks old. They also love to climb, and we got one of the slide things for Christmas. They sort of still lack the dexterity to climb, transition to sitting and slide down. It’s perilous and we only bring it out for small spurts. Too much daredevilry. Every couple weeks we revisit it and they are getting better. I was sort of banking on it being a savior for these long winter months of confinement. No such luck so far. I am sure they will be ready for it once we can go outside and play at an actual park.

    Last summer they wore onesies to bed most of the time. This year I have picked up some two piece (and 1 piece) PJs. Carters makes great winter jammies but I wasn’t wild about the summer ones we had so I have been getting secondhand Gymboree and Gap two-pieces off ebay and for summer. (BTW, and totally off topic- I LOOOOVE thredup. I have gotten lots of awesome clothes for cheap. Most of the boxes have 12-20 items in them and are $15 shipped. You sign up and get a $5 credit toward your first box. I have gotten swim trunks, Gymboree, Gap, Hanna Andersson outfits and it is all in great shape. LOVE IT. Much cheaper than consignment sales. Easier too. And I was able to unload LOTS of old outgrown clothes too.)
    They were fine in just onesies at night, but we have a very shaded lot and our AC barely runs all summer, despite being in Chicago. We keep the house at like 75-78, which I think is warmer than some people keep AC. Spring and Fall we stuck with the footie jammies but didn’t use the sleepsacks we use in winter. Once I put them down for a nap in just a shirt and diaper and regretted it when one removed said diaper early in nap and it was, shall we say, grisly. Lesson Learned: Pajamas.

  7. Alana says:

    It’s in Texas?! Yee-haw! I’m excited. 🙂

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