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So my meeting with the neurologist was this morning, and it went… not well. I can’t say it really went badly necessarily, but it certainly wasn’t what I would call good. I first met with the PA who works with … Continue reading

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You, Too?

It seems as though the entire blogosphere is taking a collective break right now, everyone pulling back, taking a deep sigh, and either plunging back in with renewed vigor, or happily nodding off for a week or two of continued … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad and The Kinda Scary

Good: Babies are sleeping through the night (mostly) and have been for a while (mostly). Did I mention that here yet? I can’t remember. I think I started a post about it, but dropped it like a hot potato when … Continue reading

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Where Art Thou?

Yeah, sorry I’ve been MIA again. I actually set aside time for reading/responding to the 109 set-aside-posts in Google Reader, and then found myself at the emergency room, again, though this time at the pediatric emergency room, and this time … Continue reading

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