Where Art Thou?

Yeah, sorry I’ve been MIA again. I actually set aside time for reading/responding to the 109 set-aside-posts in Google Reader, and then found myself at the emergency room, again, though this time at the pediatric emergency room, and this time because Henry was projectile barfing bile (seriously, it’s, like, NEON green– it looks just like the slime on the ghost on Ghostbusters… eeeew.). Luckily, he’s fine, and we actually weren’t stuck in the ER for too long. And Jack was actually a real dear the whole time, which is a miracle in itself, given his monkey tendencies.

Believe it or not, the bile barf is not the grossest thing to happen to me in the last 48 hrs. Although I was puked on 4 times (that’s only counting the number of times when both tops and pants were saturated enough with barf to warrant a clothing change, not those times when it was just a piddly handful of barf or two), it was at midnight last night when my digestive tract posted a giant “GET OUT” sign, when I found myself on my hands and knees ejecting the ten-hours-old contents of my stomach, when my intestines dealt their own version of that “EXIT! EXIT! EMERGENCY!”, that I realized that it trumped the grossness of being covered in a 9 month old’s bile barfing. As I bathed myself, and scrubbed and disinfected two toilets and two bathroom floors last night at 12:30 a.m. (and gave up and threw away the pajamas I was wearing because I just couldn’t fathom how to get all the nastiness out of them), I realized that THIS was the sickest I think I’ve ever been.

Anyhow, I know that a lot of my posts sound like this lately– I did intend to spend a lot of time writing and reading this past weekend–, but what can I say? Being a parent to nine-month old twins is incredibly time consuming. We’re working on some pretty big projects, too (childproofing/gating the front porch so I have a safe, outdoor space to take the boys as the weather gets nicer again). We might be building a deck (by “we”, I of course mean ME…). And there’s a couple of other projects we’ll be hiring someone to do (windows and some tile work, hopefully). So what I mean is that things are busy, and just when I think I might catch a break, I’m felled by a vicious stomach virus, leaving me dehydrated and weak and so, so tired. I will catch up sometime, I hope, but forgive me if it’s a bit longer before I take the time to write the comments I’m yearning to write.

This was supposed to be a short post, though I guess for me it is. It’s ten. I need to go to bed, so I can possibly gather enough strength to make it through the day tomorrow. Gatorade is my friend.

So. What about you? Anything fun and exciting going on in your world? What’s the sickest you’ve ever been, and my GOD, how did you survive it? (And if you’re parenting, how on EARTH did you survive barfy baby plus barfy parent???)

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12 Responses to Where Art Thou?

  1. melissa says:


    I hope you get some sleep and that bug leaves your house!

    thankfully I don’t think I’ve ever been sick when Elizabeth has. I am definitely the one who has gotten repeatedly barfed on & peed on though 🙂 The worst was when she almost puked in my mouth…yeah…I didn’t realize she was sick and then she lifted up her head and BLAMO!

  2. Rachel says:

    So glad to hear that everything is ok with Henry.

    As for being sick with kids, definitely been there and done that. Nothing like having to pull over the car to barf on the side of a highway while traveling with your baby … in In.dia. Oh, and leaving the the bacteria untreated for a full 6 weeks because you were breastfeeding. My suggestion is the same as always: pamper yourself. Presuming you are way too sick to do anything nice for yourself now, promise yourself sweet rewards in the future: i.e. if I drag myself out of bed and feed the baby cheerios despite my 105 fever, I can spend an hour reading alone in a cafe next week. But maybe I shouldn’t encourage others to fall into my self-indulgent ways.

  3. lz says:

    Poor Henry and mama! I hope you both feel much better very soon (you should have coffee and clothes arriving tomorrow if USPS is right).

    Currently preparing for the shower… fortunately, my two girlfriends organizing it have done a fabulous job so far, and all that’s left is planning the food menu. Our friend in Magnolia will be here next weekend as possibly another old time Austin friend/fixture from the cafe, so I’m pretty excited about seeing so many people I love in one spot (although I do wish you, barfy or not, were here too with your sweet darlings).

  4. kimbosue says:

    Holy mother. We have yet to have a our first barf fest (seriously knocking HARD on wood) so I can’t say, but from your description, I would say I am totally NOT looking forward to it.

    Hope things are getting better for ya’ll.

  5. JJ says:

    Oman and I had a BAD stomach bug this time last year when Mook was out of town. It SUCKED…ugh. My mom drove down 2.5 hours from VA to rescue me.

    So sorry you had green-barf-fest over there. Hope all is on the mend.

  6. Sue says:

    Hope you are all on the mend and now barf free. The night of vomit hasn’t come to our house yet, but I know it will eventually….

  7. When I was in Nursing School, the term “Projectile Vomiting” came up more than once. I couldn’t fathom (as a naive 19 yr old) what “projectile” meant at the time. That is until I took care of a sick patient who literally sat up in bed and spewed out everything under the sun; projecting said contents onto me. Who was standing at the foot of his bed.

    Yeah … needless to say, barfing is one of the few things I can stomach (pun intended) as a nurse. Give me blood and guts and I’m fine! Go figure …

    Glad Henry is okay. Hope you fair the same, soon!

  8. Ellen K. says:

    Gross! Your description is almost worse than the toilet-gum scene in 24 Hour Party People, which D. and I watched last weekend. Don’t look it up on YouTube if you haven’t already seen it.

    I don’t have any barf stories to share, but my time will come, probably within a week of the girls’ first day in preschool.

    Hope you’re all (y’all are) feeling better!

  9. Samantha says:

    Once when I went hiking with my husband near Asheville I must have drank a bad bug (despite treating the water), although fortunately this was pre-child and I started to feel bad right at the end of the hike, so was able to get back to the hotel room safely (fortunately it also didn’t involve camping). I felt horrendous and ran a fever, but it was in the middle of the night that I had what I call my “South Park” moment. At least it wasn’t my bathroom, although we did our best to clean up it before leaving. The 5-hour car-ride home was no picnic the next day, as we had to keep stopping every few miles for a bathroom break for me. Take care and keep hydrated – at least these things tend to resolve quickly!

  10. MsPrufrock says:

    I was just telling someone today about the time I had a horrible sinus infection which rendered me incapable of doing much of anything but breathing. I was still on maternity leave, meaning P was home with me and I damn near died of sadness and general agony. Seriously, I cried the entire first day and wasn’t much better on the second.

    I hope everyone is feeling better now, and thanks for guiding me here via your old blog. I have been out of touch with blog reading for so long I hadn’t realized it WAS an old blog. Yikes.

  11. strongblonde says:

    omg! we had that here in january. i was soooo sick for 24 hours. then needed 2 days to recover. B had similar symptoms for 15 hours and each of the kids threw up once. Our house was gross. Honestly, I don’t know how I would have survived without B here. and my sister. she came over to help when i had to go to work and b was sick.

    glad that things seem to have passed. hopefully you guys will be healthy for a bit 🙂


  12. Tara (TIMO) says:

    Sorry I’m late. Wow, your poor family. I’ve never been afraid of vomit or getting vomited on. That’s probably a good thing because we went through a period of a month where someone was puking on me almost nightly. Discovered we were overfeeding Alex at bedtime. My mom loves to retell the story of the day she went “ice-skating” through my sister’s vomit after she ran downstairs to clean up the mess and landed right in the pile of yuck.

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