Mid-Travel Update

Despite a horrendous evening (hit major traffic in Baton Rouge, hit major construction after that, then major storms, which resulted in the last hour of our already-overlong driving day to take over two hours, which meant we arrived at the hotel at 7:30 with screaming babies, to find that the hotel was booked to the gills and understaffed, which meant we had to figure out how to carry two babies, plus stroller, two carriers, two suitcases, a bag of toys, a diaper bag, two bags of baby food/feeding supplies, a nursing pillow, two bags of toiletries, and a bag of misc. travel documents/laptop up to our room without a cart because they only have one and it was being occupied by someone’s stuff which had no bellhop to carry it up. WHICH meant that we didn’t leave the room to go to dinner until 8:00, which meant that we wanted a close-by restaurant, which on Bourbon St. is shitty takeout or absurdly pricy fancy sit-down, and we stupidly opted for fancy sit-down, which resulted in us paying close to $100 for a meal, most of which I did not get to eat because I had to carry screaming, overtired, over-cooped-up babies back down the center of stupid Bourbon St. at 9:30 at night, by myself, so that at least H could manage to enjoy/finish his meal. Oh, well. At least I got to eat my appetizer and drink my frozen mil.k pun.ch, and the three bites of the pecan-crusted fish I ate were delicious… not $100 delicious, but still pretty good…), we are actually having a great time now that we’re settled in here in New Orleans. We had Cafe du Monde beignets and cafe au lait for breakfast, followed by an early morning stroll through Jackson Square and the Quarter (probably the earliest I’ve ever walked through the Quarter– thanks, babies, for the early wake-up call– though it was so nice and cool and clean. I forget that the Quarter is actually clean in the morning before all the idiotic boozehounds barf the place up). We had an early lunch of muffaletta and Zapps chips from Central Grocery, followed by a stroll through the French Market. We had a swim in the hotel pool, which the boys loved. And now, I’m listening to all of the guys (H included) softly snuffling away at an afternoon nap, with a go-cup daquiri in my hand. And once they all wake up, we’ll head to dinner at one of my favorite places (the Gumbo Shop– reasonable prices, nice atmosphere, excellent gumbo).

I’m not sure what the rest of our evening holds after dinner, but it definitely will not include me schlepping two howling babies down a street with drunk teen-adults, asshole tourists begging for beads (yes, lady, you’re *way* too old to show your tits. No one wants to see that, even if it’s on your Bucket List to cut loose and act like a flippin’ moron on Bourbon St before you die of the emphysema that judging from your voice is about to kill you any second) and strippers propositioning every other guy walking past. I love using Hotwire to book hotels (we’ve used them almost every time we’ve come to New Orleans and have stayed at excellent hotels far off Bourbon every single time), but this latest situation proves what a crapshoot it really is sometimes. This is a very nice hotel, but I seriously did NOT want to end up on Bourbon Street with babies. But I got a really excellent deal on a 3.5 star in the Quarter and well– this is where it put us. So, lesson learned. When traveling with babies, you may have to cough up the extra dough to know the exact location of your hotel before you book it– no more French Quarter Hotwire gambles…

So, we’re here until tomorrow morning, at which point, we hit the road again. We’re stopping tomorrow just south of Atlanta– any ATL-area readers want to get together for dinner or something? Our official location is Newnan, I think. It’s last-minute, I know, but I thought I’d throw it out in the off chance that someone is available.

Pictures are coming soon. I’ve got a TON to upload, not only from this leg of the trip, but from Texas, too. I have loved this little break from reality, but I am very, very ready to be home, in a very, very big way. Saturday, you cannot come soon enough (but I’ll enjoy the next 16 or so hours of real vacation, none-the-less…).

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4 Responses to Mid-Travel Update

  1. Claire says:

    You’re a hero!

  2. Photogrl says:

    I was ready to be home after a week of vacation with the twins…I can only imagine how good it will feel for you and H. to arrive home!

    Can’t wait to see pics of your trip!

  3. Erin says:

    Gah, I finally start to read blogs again only to find you were in Atlanta a mere two days ago! I would have loved to get together even though I haven’t posted anything in forever. Send me an e-mail and I’ll give you my name for FB, which is mostly how I’m keeping in touch with people now 🙂

  4. Tara (TIMO) says:

    Wow! I’m exhausted just reading about your adventures. Hopefully you are home and settling back into your usual routine. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

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