Jack’s Nightly Routine

Jack’s Nightly Routine, originally uploaded by k8izgr8.

Just a quick video post here… I will get around to posting an actual Jack update soon (I hope), but for now, this gives a pretty accurate look at what he is like: He finds random objects and carries them around the house. And he does this all. freakin’. day. I cannot count the number of items I lose in a day that I eventually realize have been relocated by this sweet monkey-child. I love him so much, but good GOLLY he NEVER stops moving, and it wears me out!

So here he is, using the fan remote as a makeshift telephone, talking to who knows who, wandering here and there through the house and doing a bit of tumbling. (His somersaults are usually a little better than this, but since he freaks out and tries to grab the camera every time I pull it out, I’m just lucky I managed to catch this half-somersault!)

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6 Responses to Jack’s Nightly Routine

  1. Esperanza says:

    What a cutie! And look at him walking all around like that! Isa’s still not really doing that and seeing Jack do it, I can’t really imagine she ever will. I’m sure it’s coming but it still seems too surreal.

    Thanks for sharing that. What a cute guy!

  2. Tara (TIMO) says:

    Thanks for sharing that. I needed it this morning as we had a rough night and my boys are still sleeping. It’s nice to be reminded of the cute things they do. Everything is a telephone around here. And they’re always calling “Baba” (Nav). My nightly routine is removing all of the toys stuffed from between the couch cushions. It’s amazing what they cram in there.

  3. paulakeller says:

    LOL!!! He is really getting around well!

    Chasing after mine just when they are still cruising is hard enough!

  4. CC says:

    Squeeee! That is SUPER cute!

  5. miamegamoo says:

    I cannot believe he is doing somersaults! He is such a cute little monkey!

  6. shinejil says:

    Oh, our little dudes should get together and talk. 🙂

    Maybe Jack can call some evening?

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