Henry, With A ‘Woof’ And A Kiss

Henry, With A ‘Woof’ And A Kiss, originally uploaded by k8izgr8.

Ah, friends. Still not much time for writing these days. Still working on the Jack post, and no, it’s still not ready.

Instead, here’s a short video I shot tonight of Henry playing with his stuffed doggie, and wearing his doggie “backpack” (aka Baby Leash*), which he LOVES to wear (he will cry if you try to take it off). His “woof”s are quiet, so you have to listen carefully, but without fail, if you ask where “Woof Woof” is, he will go and get his stuffed dog, and say “uf! uf!”

Jack also says, “uf!”, but with a bit more enthusiasm than Henry. Jack likes to say it, but he isn’t as crazy about the stuffed toy. He prefers the real thing, which he points out and loudly says, “UF UF UF” when he sees them. So cute.

Henry has also learned how to make a kissy-face, and it is so. stinkin’. cute!

Anyhow, we’re still hanging in, settling into fall (My GOD, I cannot believe it’s September already…). What about you guys? Any fun Fall stuff planned? I’m thinking about looking in to a pick-your-own apple place, but wondering if my boys will be up for it…

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2 Responses to Henry, With A ‘Woof’ And A Kiss

  1. vablondie says:

    Too cute! My Little Guy will woof with our dogs, too. He will actually say “Puppy! Woof! Woof!” While pointing to a dog. It is really cute.

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