Busy-ness and Projects!

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So, when I’m not chasing the boys around, I’ve been trying to do better with my documentation of their baby-hood. Taking more pictures, actually printing those pictures, and also, trying to do a few projects with those photos. I recently made a really awesome album of the boys’ summer on Shutterfly, and then today, they sent me a code for ten free cards. I don’t usually send holiday cards, and I don’t know if I’ll get around to it this year, but with the offer I got, I figured I’d give it a try. The card above is the one I created for the boys. I’m not religious, but I do love Christmastide. There’s just something magical about it– not just the general attempt at good cheer we all make at this time of year, but just an attitude of cooperation that seems to permeate everything and everyone. So yes, while Christmas definitely falls outside my Humanist ideology, it does not fall outside my Humanist ethic.

Anyway, I love that they had plenty of non-Christmas holiday cards to choose from, and plenty of really, really nice religious messages, too, if that’s something you’re looking for. Right now, I think you can order a single sample card for free (code CARD4U, valid through Sept 28), which is a nice way to try the service to see if it’s something you might want to order more of. And there’s plenty of time between now and the holidays to try it and/or order more if you like the result. The card-making process was insanely easy (choosing the card template I wanted was actually the hardest part– so many to choose from!), and very intuitive. And while shipping is a tiny bit on the high side, the fact that the cards were free definitely made up for it.

So, that was my experience using Shutterfly for cards. I haven’t received the cards yet, but generally, their shipping is pretty quick, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I have them in my hands.

Additionally, PINTEREST. Oh, man. Pinterest.com has taken over my life. So many pretty things to look at, so many fun things to think about, cute ideas, clever solutions. Oh, man. I can waste hours just looking and looking and looking.

If you’re on Pinterest, look me up. I’d love to have another person to gather ideas from!

Otherwise, things are… oh, they’re fine, I think. Henry’s been extremely fussy, and both boys have been trading Back-To-School germs. Oh, and they’ve officially learned what a real temper tantrum looks and sounds like, and both enjoy employing it at increasingly inconvenient times. So, basically I’m exhausted. I’d love a little more sleep, but with their fussiness and sickness rounded out with a little teething, their sleep schedule has been shot to hell, and that means I haven’t been getting my daily nap-with-babies rest. It’s just a phase, a short one in the grand scheme of things, but I’m worn out lately.

Saturday marks the completion of 35 trips around the sun for me. Thirty-four has been a pretty decent year for me. I’m looking forward to seeing what 35 holds…

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10 Responses to Busy-ness and Projects!

  1. miamegamoo says:

    Happy early birthday (just in case I’m super busy on Saturday)!

    I think we are planning to do the ‘cute picture of baby’ holiday card too. We didn’t send out birth announcements because of all the health insanity and at this point are just going to send out baby pictures of Miss Moo as holiday cards.

    And I agree with you on Christmas – I love the ethic – the once a year acknowledgment that we shouldn’t be sh*theads towards our fellow man, that peace and love are truly good things and are worth celebrating. I so am looking forwards to Moo’s first this year, and all of them now. Having a real family at last is pretty freaking wonderful.

  2. jenn says:

    I love the card! I used shutterfly for birth announcement, first christmas card & first birthday invite for miss Pumpkin… I am a total slacker with Little Bear! No birth announcement at all so I should probably get on it for holiday cards- Don’t know if that will happen in time to use the free code, but hopefully I get another one soon. 🙂
    Of course- first I need to prep by picking the perfect outfits… the to-do list of an insane type-a mom of 2 is pretty ridiculous!

  3. Sue says:

    Happy birthday!

  4. Ellen K. says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Kate! I’ll be 35 in February. Glad to be at this point in my life before hitting that pivotal year, obstetrics-wise.

    I ordered our Christmas cards from Shutterfly last year and am already perusing the selection for this year. The cards were really cute and I loved being able to include so many photos — I think last year’s card had 8 or 9 — especially as there was exactly ONE decent photo of me with one child last year.

    I love Christmastime and keep it going until Epiphany. It’s awesome to have the added bonus of St. Nicholas’ Day, which we didn’t celebrate back home. Last year the girls sort of understood the concept of Santa. This year will be really fun!

  5. kimbosue says:

    I love photo Christmas cards. Depending on the price, I use Shutterfly or Walgreens.

    Happy Birthday!

  6. kh99 says:

    I hope your 35th trip around the sun is a great one! I’d like to do our own Christmas cards this year, but we take most of our pics with our iPhones, so the quality is usually not good enough. Oh well, maybe next year. I’m still trying to figure out Pinterest.

  7. Tara (TIMO) says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m 51 weeks older than you. Hope 35 gives you lots of new adventures.

    We love Shutterfly. Use them for everything. We use their share site to post pictures for friends and family so we get free stuff all the time. Just passed up a free photobook because I didn’t have time to make one. Have 50 free prints I need to redeem by tomorrow.

    I’m on Pinterest. It’s all kid/tot school stuff. I’m still trying to get the hang of it. I can’t check it everyday so I always feel like I’m behind on pinning. Tried to find you to follow but got an error. Please let me know your name so I can follow you as well.

  8. strongblonde says:

    now you can run for president 🙂 wahoo.

    i can’t get enough of pintrest. seriously. i don’t have an account or anything, because i think it would take over my life. my most recent find was to pre-scoop ice cream into cupcake wrappers and place in the freezer. i did it before the kids’ party and it was awesome. made the process go so quickly.

    love shutterfly (and snapfish for that matter). we’ve done cards, thank you notes, books….all have been awesome. i can’t even imagine what our parents did, you know? this is so easy to keep track of milestones, etc!

  9. paulakeller says:

    Shut Up! You’re working on Christmas cards already? I haven’t even done Halloween costumes! lol!!!

  10. paulakeller says:

    And yea, almost daily I check three things… blogs (I read, but obviously don’t post), facebook, and Pinterest. As if I needed an extra time suck! 🙂

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