Henry’s latest thing, when he’s enjoyed something, is to say,”Ah-GIN? GIN?” As in, yes, I just read this book to you seven times in a row, but, you precious thing, I’ll read it to you again.

Henry’s also obsessed with the pool. We have a kiddie pool out in our yard, and it has been hot as blazes around here and humid as hell, so there’s been plenty of reason to go and jump in, but since we also keep getting pelted with rain, it’s a process to go and empty the stagnant rain water out of the pool, scrub it out, refill it, etc., which means we don’t use it that often. (And then, there’s the whole wasp infestation thing we’ve been dealing with… the back of our house is an enticing house location for yellow jackets, wasps, bees, etc. and lately, they’ve been out of control, despite frequent visits from our pest control dude. Awesome.)

So, instead of visiting our free backyard kiddie pool, which both boys absolutely love, we’ve been taking them to the local public pool. We’re headed there this afternoon (hey, maybe I’ll remember the camera this time! We can wish, right?). Anyhow, our absurd local pool requires the boys to wear life jackets in the pool (something having to do with a drowning a few years ago), but it’s extremely counter-productive, as they cannot swim in them, and frequently end up face-down in the water, flailing around, if they manage to escape our arms. We bought one Puddle Jumper, and we’ll find out today whether they’ll let us use it instead of the jackets they provide, and also whether or not the boys will actually wear it. If so (on both counts), I’ll go get another, since we are pool-crazy this summer. Today, though, we’re going to the pool that has the fenced-off kiddie section with splash fountains, etc. They aren’t required to wear a life jacket in there, so if may be a moot point today anyway.

Jack has fewer words than Henry does, but he uses them with such precision. He “talks” constantly, but most of it is strings of random syllables with lots of interjections thrown in, “um”, “well”, “yeah”, etc. “Pah-sicle” (popsicle), “BOWN-ssss” (bounce!), When he wants to nurse, he says, “NUUHrssssss!” Quite demanding. He’s a stubborn little toot, and when he wants something (and is denied that something…), he will simply try and try and try again until he gets it, or until he melts down into a screaming pool of rage. He actually clenches his fist and clamps his jaw and bears his teeth and silently shakes in anger when he first determines that things aren’t going his way. It’s hilarious. I know I should take his emotions seriously, and I do, but there isn’t much funnier than a 2 year old trembling with silent rage because another kid has touched the windowsill where he is sitting. He is a mover, a climber, extremely mobile, and does NOT want to be stopped for any reason. He wears me out!

But, he’s also an extremely loving child. He loves to share his pah-sicle with everyone, and he’s happiest when hugging on Mama or Papa. He loves monkeys (he *is* a monkey), and he loves to sing the Five Little Monkeys song (though the words are imprecise at best: I frequently hear from the back seat, “No, no, Monkeys! No, no BED!”). He’s really a happy kid (except when he’s melting down, HAH!). He likes to obsess over objects, clinging tightly to one thing (or two or three things) for several hours, before deciding to pick up something else. I think I almost put him into a bliss-coma when I gave him a Sesame Street tote bag into which he could put all of his objects to carry around with him…

Henry, on the other hand, has a ton of words, but I’m ‘m pretty sure no one outside the family understands him. He likes Pacha, Matchie, and Godolo (popsicles, muppets and Pocoyo, respectively), but no amount of convincing or repetition will get him to say so in a way that anyone else could understand! And for Pete’s sake– do not mistake Matchie for Matcher, or you will have one very upset child. He does have a lot of words that are understandable, but they are the kid standards– Ball, cookie, truck, etc. He’s really hit a phase where he wants to label everything, and this frequently results in some very funny exchanges (at least to me they’re funny. I know no kid’s antics are as funny to outsiders as they are to ourselves…). Take this morning: he was standing next to me, pinching the skin on my knee, saying, “Knee! Knee!” And he pointed to his own knee and said, “Knee!” He then looked over at his Ernie doll and said, “Er…KNEE!” He was really pleased with himself, pointing at Ernie’s knee and saying, “Errr-knee!”

Henry’s naming obsession goes on all day long. At random points throughout the day, he likes to do a roll call: Mama? Jack? Brother? (Jack gets called twice, by both his name and his familial role…) Papa? and he rounds it up by pointing at himself and shouting, “HENNY!” It’s freaking adorable. He loves Sesame Street characters, especially Ernie, though lately, Big Bird has been a big hit around here, thanks to Follow That Bird. He loves to watch movies, though he only seems to want to watch 15 minutes or so before finding something else to do. We’ve seen most of the Pixar lineup, and Cars is definitely his favorite. He actually stops sometimes and shouts, “MACK!!” And lately, he’s been pretending to fall down, and then saying, “Ohhhhhh, NO!” very dramatically. And the other morning, when Heiko pulled out a shirt for Henry, he exclaimed, “Ooooooh, I LIKE it!” I’m not sure he entirely understood the entire sentence construction that he used, because I say that to them all the time when they’re behaving well, and he mimicked my exact inflection, but still. That may count as his first sentence ever.

Ah. Apparently, Restless Native #1 has awakened his brother, and so my blogging time has run out. Perhaps if I manage a camera at the pool today, there may be pictures to post next time…

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3 Responses to Again?

  1. Jenn says:

    I love when they just start communicating. Little Bear is in full on babble conversation mode and I am loving it. Besides banana baba mama (rarely) & dada (frequently) he now says dinner & all done. He is also very focused. He sounds a lot like Jack!
    The first story they tell you will be amazing. And awful and you may cry. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  2. Io says:

    Ha! I like that “Oooooh, I like it” is from you.

  3. Sounds like a whole lot of fun!! Words are great when they start coming and that sentence that you taught him! Cool beans!
    More pictures please:)

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