Did I mention that H is taking a sabbatical this fall and that we’ve (temporarily) moved back to Texas? No? Well, we did. And here we are now. We are staying with my parents, but we have a little set-up at the far end of the house, so I can keep the boys out of everyone’s hair most of the time. We had planned to leave NC last Wednesday (Aug 29th), but, you know, there was this whole hurricane thing going on, headed straight for the portion of the US between NC and Texas, so we made a very sudden decision Tuesday morning to leave that afternoon and get a few hours of travel under our belt to try to beat the hurricane. And for the most part, it worked out great (weather-wise), but unfortunately, driving-wise and packing-wise, it made it really hard. Three days on the road (a 4-hour start followed by two 8.5 hour days…), driving through the mountains of Tennessee (pretty, but intense for the driver), two sick babies (one who started feeling bad right before we arrived at our stop on the first night, the other who had it the next day…), a 5:30 a.m. fire alarm with hotel evacuation on the morning of our last day of driving (carrying two fussy, sleepy babies down and back up 7 flights of stairs…), etc., etc.

Yeah. It was just an intense couple of days, followed by celebrations at my parents’ house for my dad’s birthday, and my brother and SIL coming to town, and Labor Day. But, we’re settling in, and it seems like the boys are starting to calm down a bit and get back into a routine.

We joined the YMCA in our area, and I went yesterday midday and ran while the boys stayed in the Child Watch area. Henry thought it was great fun to try all of the new toys and read the new books. Jack, on the other hand, was not very happy with that arrangement. He apparently squeezed out a few tears, and spent most of his time in the sitter’s lap feeling pretty bummed out. I think he’ll get used to it after we’ve gone a few times, but this is the very first time I’ve left them in a group care setting, and only the second time they’ve stayed with someone not related to us. I’m still considering a Mother’s Day Out program locally, but really, what I needed most was someone to watch the boys while I exercise, which can obviously be taken care of at the Y. The other benefit of the Y out here is that they have very nice indoor pools plus an outdoor kid pool area. So, we can take the boys to play in the pools or H can swim laps or whatever.

So. Other than the giant transition to Texas, things are sailing along right about like you’d expect with two two-year-olds. They are fucking insane. Jack is a runner, as in, the second I let go of him (or turn my attention elsewhere) he’s gone, and faster than I can believe. Henry is moody, and likes to hit and bite, which is always fun.

However, they’re also incredibly sweet boys, and they’re really beginning to actually play together. They notice each other so much, and except for when they both want the same thing at the same time, they really seem to like each other. They are beginning to understand the concept of sharing (and will even willingly do so most of the time…), and they are both very huggy and kissy babies. I’m trying to focus on those good parts and ignore the frustrating bits. Some days are better than others in that regard!

Language-wise, they are adding words and concepts on almost an hourly basis, it seems. I’ve been a bit worried about Jack, to be honest, and while there are still some things that concern me about his behavior (see above re. never flippin’ sits still EVER), I’ve mostly determined that his lack of listening and lack of vocabulary have more to do with personality and a ever-so-slight delay (normal for twins, normal for boys and normal for bilingual kiddos), rather than as a result of poor hearing or the like. Parents of toddlers probably know what I mean when I say that sometimes his lack of attention has me absolutely convinced that he must not be able to hear well. So combined with his limited vocabulary, we were considering having his hearing tested, but in the time between their two year appointment and now, it seems like he just had a mini-language explosion, so for the time being, I think he’s probably just being a typical two year old.

I recently bought a new handbag. This is only notable because as I was asking H if it would bother him if I dropped $60 on a new purse, he asked if it was a replacement for my old one (it was), and then pointed out that I’d had my old handbag since he first met me, and I know I’d had it already for a few years at that point. I guess a new purse every decade isn’t such a luxury. So yay me for finally buying a new handbag after 10 years.

It’s weird to me that right before we left to come here, I suddenly began to actually develop what I’d call real friendships in NC. I’ve been looking forward to coming back here to Texas basically since we moved to NC 7 years ago. And since H and I began making these plans for his sabbatical, I’ve been really REALLY excited about being here for the semester. And yeah, I am thrilled to be here with family and with friends close by, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I find myself missing NC, and especially missing the friendships I’d (finally) begun to develop there. Fall is my favorite season, and we’re completely missing it this year (central Texas does not have fall so much as “Summer the Lesser” and “Brief Stormy Season”, followed by “Possibly Cold Time” in late December…). It’s so great to be home, but I find myself thinking that this may not actually be “home” to me anymore. Weird. Took seven years, but NC may finally be more home to me than Texas…

So. I know that doesn’t fully get us caught up, but I’m hoping that being here might afford me the time to blog on occasion, so here’s hoping I may actually get to read/comment/post a bit more often.

I know you all only *really* come here for the pictures, so here they are:
Waterfall at a western NC rest stop. So pretty.

Henny's Cuddles
Henry’s “nest” in the car. Both Bert and Ernie (and a Sesame Street cuddle blanket) are the only things that work to make you feel better when you have a fever.

Jack and Henry
A goodbye playdate at the park.

Henny swingin’

Jack the Conqueror

Sleeping Jack
Zonked on the floor…

Bedtime Antics
With Teamwork, you, too, can destroy your mother’s oven…

And you? How have you been over the last six-ish weeks??

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11 Responses to Dee-Doodly-Doo

  1. strongblonde says:

    1. i recently asked our pedi about hearing tests, too. 🙂 and, yep, it was for my son. i think you’re on to something.

    2. uhm…you’re in texas? for the semester? that’s a big announcement!

    3. that last picture freaks me OUT. i can’t believe that you were calm enough to actually take the picture! i would have been screaming at the top of my lungs! ha!

    • A– Jack spends the better part of his day camped out on our stovetop. Or on top of our countertops, which he gets up onto by climbing the drawer handles like a ladder… And Henry spends the better part of his day opening and closing the ovens and/or turning the light switch on the oven on and off. So while I panicked the first time I found Jack up there, I’ve since learned to pick my battles with him! The climbing doesn’t even phase me anymore. How sad is that?!

  2. I cannot believe how big they are! They look like little boys-no more baby fat! Holy cow, when did that happen!?!

    I cannot imagine how stressful that traveling must have been. Hopefully you guys have a great time in TX.

    After my dh and I moved after our wedding I longed for the day we could finally move back to WI. Once we lived in MN for a few years I didn’t miss it as much. Then when we came home I found myself missing the little city in MN for a good while. At least at home we’ve finally got a house and most of our family is within an hour and that does bring a comfort that no other state had. Plus all of my besties are here.

    New with us-I’m in nursing school. Just found out I’m pregnant with #3. It’s early. Just had my betas last week. ( I went back to the RE, I’m not one to just get a bfp the old fashioned way) Oh, I moved too. I’m at now. Too many people could have found me through the other blog.

    Anyway, so glad you’re updating us! Enjoy TX!

  3. luxzia says:

    I’ll be along in November – I have to have dental work done, so between that and other commitments, it’s the first two weeks of November. I shall, of course, be bringing sweet Mia Chicken with me.

  4. pj says:

    Let me see if it’ll let me post and then I’ll leave a real post…

    • pj says:

      Well, what do you know! I’ve been having trouble with wordpress letting me comment lately.

      Anyway, I worry off and on about our girls and their speech. I know being a twin can put kids at risk for speech delays. I keep asking our school’s speech pathologist questions, and she tells me to relax. I’m pretty sure there is a HUGE range of normal when they are this young and that having twins just amplifies that. How can you not compare? Lauren has amazing gross motor skills and Addison has amazing fine motor skills. SO different!

      OMG!!! You’re living in Texas for a whole semester!!! That’s awesome!

  5. Photogrl says:

    I just recently managed to eek out a few blog posts myself…this twin stuff doesn’t leave much time for me! 😉

    Yay, Texas! I can sympathize with your drive. My little sis & I decided to take our kids, 8, 2, 2, and 20 months, to Savannah, GA to visit family last month. We survived the 12+ hour drive, not counting stops, but just barely.

    Actually, I just had the twins evaluated for speech delays last week. Pretty Girl is getting there, but I have real concerns with Big Boy…he doesn’t even try to imitate anything we say. Of course, since the evaluation, he’s added like 5 words that I can actually understand!

    Go you for joining the Y! My twins have finally embraced the Child Watch area, but it took quite a while. Pretty Girl still gives me dirty looks when I leave occasionally…

    I can’t get over how big the boys look! When did our babies grow up?

  6. Mel says:

    I cannot even explain how much I love that oven picture. That is literally the most perfect twin picture of all time and pretty much sums up life with multiples. That needs to be submitted somewhere.

    Glad the travel portion of this trip is done (the travel itself is hard enough without the kids being sick too) and that you’re settling in.

  7. kimbosue says:

    I saw some FB post about Texas and our recent “cold front” and was confused…guess that explains it! If you plan a trip further south to H-Town, hit me up!

  8. southcitysadie says:

    Once again, Jack = N. (those eyelashes! also possibly behavior. We should email sometime), and Henry = I. I love reading about your boys and then thinking about mine and how cool it is that we have these kids!

    That oven photo is awesome. It should be on a greeting card.

    I am scared to death of mountain driving, so I can’t even imagine it with 2 two year olds in the backseat. I’m glad you arrived safely!

    N. is not very attentive, but I. is the one who had several hearing evaluations and then a speech evaluation at Children’s just after her second birthday. I’m glad she didn’t need therapy, because we would have had to pay entirely out of pocket, but it was well worth the money just to get the evaluation. She had a language boost soon thereafter.

  9. JJ says:

    Long road trip! NC misses you 🙂 Hope all goes well this fall – cant believe how big the boys are – they are all sorts of adorable

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